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Logistics reference

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This article describes the logistics system in HoI3, focusing on the mechanics of supply depots, the supply network, and supply throughput. For strategic advice on logistics, visit the [[Logistics strategy]] article. Note that the Semper Fi expansion adds a new, optional game mode called "Arcade" where the ''entire supply system'' is circumvented. In this game mode, supplies are simply drawn directly from a national stockpile.
The supply map effectively shows that the supply network is not a static network, but instead a constantly changing network based on unit needs. ''Thus, this map mode is a snap shot in time, not a comprehensive view of what your supply network might be capable of in different circumstances.''
* Green shows it is recieving receiving all of its requested supplies and every unit is in supply.
* Blue shows a supply surplus.
* Black shows zero supply, zero requests
== Lack of Supplies ==
Every unit has a 30 days reserve of supplies and fuel. If there are not enough supplies available, it will begin consuming that reserve and you will notice the out-of-suppysupply-icon warning you that this unit is beginning to draw on its reserve. The unit immediately suffers from a reduced combat effectiveness, with a penalty induced relative to your reserve level. For example, with 20 days supply left (66%), the unit will suffer 50%*(1-(66/100)) = 16.7% combat penalty.
If the 30-day-reserve is completeley exhausted, a unit will no longer be able to move. The penalties then are:
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