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Hearts of Iron 3 Wiki

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==Hearts of Iron III==
[[Image:Hoi3-box.jpg|70px|right|valign=center|HoI3 Box]]
This is the wiki dedicated to the [ Paradox Interactive] game [[HoI3 | Hearts of Iron 3]]. It aims to provide all background information, hints, strategies, and other interesting tidbits available for this great game. The game has three releases:* [[File:hoi3.gif]][[HoI3 | Hearts of Iron 3]] (8/2009)
* [[File:sefi.png]][ Semper Fi] (6/2010)
* [[File:ftm.png]] [[For The Motherland|For the Motherland]] (6/2011)
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'''Quicklinks:''' [[Newbie guide]] | [[Division building]] | [[Logistics reference | Supply reference]] | [[Cheat codes]]
Detailed information about game mechanics.
=== [[Mods | List of Mods]] ===
A list of playable HoI3 Mods
Strategy guides specific to each nation.
=== [[HoI3Wiki:Community_Portal Community Portal| Community Portal]] ===
Contribute to the wiki.
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