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For the Motherland

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==Major Features==
* [[War goals]]: Each member of a faction can demand their own territory and claim it when the war is over.
* Drag and drop deployment into the OOB editor
* You can scroll the map by holding down the middle mousebutton.
* You can set continous continuous orders to start at a later date, instead of just immediately.
* Mouseover your flag (upper left corner) to see all modifiers.
* Shift-F is new hotkey for Find Province.
* You can set the victory conditions for all three factions at the start of a game.
* There is a new setting available that will be useful sometimes. if you change debug_saves in settings.txt to a number (1 for every month. 0 means off) it will automatically create saves that dont don't get overwritten by newer ones like regular autosaves. useful if you want a record of a long game, although it uses quite a lot of disk space with all those saves so mostly useful for AAR writers and modders.
==Common Questions==
* [ FTM - Did you know this?]
* [ On Neutrality]
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