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South Africa is an interesting and somewhat difficult minor power to play. South Africa is geographically isolated, resource-rich but somewhat lacking in manpower. However, South Africa can be a formidable opponent to the colonial powers on the African continent.


Distribution of leadership

South Africa doesn't have a lot of leadership so focus on a single tech tree and go with it.


In 1936 South Africa has researched both single and multi engine aircraft, but interestingly infantry divisions have not been researched. In addition destroyers have been researched at the start.



Beginning in 1936 is the best option to start the game with South Africa.

South Africa can be Allied with the 3 Factions: Allies, Axis or Comintern. Each of them have their Pro/Con.

Allies: You are in the South of Africa (ironic for the name) you can help a little by sending some Units to 2 Points of the African continent: Egypt or around the Italy Colonies of: Eritrea, Somalia & Ethiopia. There you can help the Allies attacking the Italians.

Another option is to Transport the Units to England or Some part of France, or even some country of the Allies and then on the diplomacy tab select: "Expeditionary Force" and select the unit you send to X country, will be a little reinforce but that can help too. The AI uses this tactic, even in other Starts you can find Expeditionary Forces of other countries with some Faction Leader, Puppet or Nation of a Faction.

Axis: Could be HARD this way, because your country don't have any Ally close, the nations around it are: Portugal, England and France (Madagascar. If decide to Join the Axis forget to Help them on Europe because the English and Frenchs have more Naval Power than you, so they will sunk every ship you try to move to Europe. Remember that England is the king of the seas because they needed to protect their large empire around the world and they are your biggest threat even on the Sea.

The Player only can help the Italians on Eritrea,Ethiopia & Italy Somalia. How? if you have Transport Ships this is the way: Look the Map and if you have enough time, you could send the Transports to Italy Somalia and help then there against the English Forces (be careful to not send your troops if any Allied port have ships there or even if any ship is moving around Italian Somalia). Another way could be just to Give Italy Expeditionary Forces or just Push England to the Port down of Italy Somalia. but don't expect much.

Comintern: Isn't crazy after all, the player could join them too, honestly is an Almost Easy Route because once you joined the Comintern, you will be able to ask for Materials for FREE, and because the Soviets don't start the war till 1941 you will have enough time to prepare some Troops to help them in Europe, the Allies will do their part with Italy on Africa so the player will only have to use Transport Ships, to leave Units in Europe to use them or to give them to the URSS. Meanwhile, the Player could invest on technology, because the Axis don't have enough Naval power to reach South Africa.

But still it's a bad option if want to expand the territory because there won't be enemies very close to your country to take territory, except Portugal, but as far i saw, they don't enter if Nationalist Spain isn't with the Axis.

Neutral: Staying neutral will allow for expansion into Angola, Mozambique, and the Congo, provided Portugal and Belgium don't join a faction


There are no decisions unique to South Africa.



At the beginning of the 1936 campaign, South African ministerial choices


South Africa begins 1936 at peace, with the limited options to change laws. You can change your training laws to Specialist Training to give new units an experience bonus but a reduction in money.

Political Parties

1936 sees the Social Conservative party in power. Elections occur every four years.


You have a very small intelligence service, starting with spies in the other two independent African nations. You can't really afford to invest in the Intelligence service, as you don't have a lot of leadership points to distribute.



South Africa will start with

Industrial Production

In South Africa's case,one can hardly build a capable army by the start of WW2 with the available starting IC. Any production geared away from military units will in most cases put South Africa in a poor position when the war reaches the player's home front. If other nations are kind enough to give you a lend-lease for the construction of factories, this may be a plausible way of constructing more if resources permit. Otherwise, any province improvements and naval investments will be almost wholly unnecessary for South Africa's potential projection of power within the region.




Air Force


War with Italy

If you have joined the Allies, the UK is in the Allies, and Italy is in the Axis, you are liable to being invaded by Italy. However, due to the very nature of Africa, foreigners will have a hard time invading properly due to supply issues, unfavourable terrain, a lot of rivers, and if South Africa is controlled by the AI, they spam militia stacks due to their inexpensiveness and being quite fast to recruit, especially if you have minimal training laws. This militia spam seems to work, because they get around the supply issues by not requiring fuel and needing very little supplies for 1 full division. (4 militia brigades = 1 division = 0.8 supply consumption) It also provides a big fighting force that most of the time, has to be broken by killing their organization. The AI stacks can get as high as 24 brigades in one province, with an average of a dozen (12) brigades in one province, so they have a lot of militia practical.

Militia related research

Because the army is focused on militia, it's very important to research people's army, and depending on whether you want the initiative, or you want a brick wall, you research either militia support weapons for brick walls or militia light artillery for the initiative, and you hardly have to research militia anti tank weapons because any fuel-guzzling unit is useless in Africa.

Gaming the System

Place to describe various gamey tactics.

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