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Sinkiang is one of the many Chinese provinces that will either unite china or be united with a stronger province. Sinkiang is an interesting choice if you are a veteran player looking for a challenge


Distribution of Leadership



You have two real choices to align with the comintern or to remain neutral however the trade benefits with the Soviet Union Soviet Union do make it a large advantage to joining the comintern over remaining unaligned.





Political Parties




As a landlocked country you will be doing almost all of your trading with the Soviet Union as you start the game with a dire need of resources and you will most likely have to export supplies to the Soviet Union in order to gain the money needed to purchase the supplies. After you have joined the comintern you can redo your trade deals with Soviet Union to get the materials for free most likely.

Industrial Production




What Navy? as a landlocked country you can ignore all Naval tech and units.

Air Force

With relatively low IC you most likely will want to focus your efforts on building up a strong army and ignore your Air Force entirely. If you choose to use paratroops(which will be troublesome with such low IC) I suggest you buy the transport planes from the Soviet Union as you don't have much Leadership to spare.


War with Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma

In order to easily access Tibet I found it most profitable to take out Xibei San Ma first. Their troops are rather poor and you should be able to easily steamroll them however it will take some time moving through the mountains.

War with Tibet Tibet

With Xibei San Ma out of the way You can amass your troops and easily take Tibet with no trouble being only two provinces away from their only victory point.

War with Afghanistan Afghanistan

There are few resources to be gained from taking Afghanistan however it is easy picking if you joined the comintern where you can send your troops through the soviet union and attack from the north easily taking both their victory points without much fighting.

Gaming the System

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