Shib's Enhanced Airborne Mod

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Gives the player the ability to airdrop the following Brigades along with paratroopers. Light tanks, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Engineers.

The AT/AA/ENGI all take up the same amount of space as 1 Para Brigade, While the LT will only fit one brigade per transport.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version 2.3.3
Last update 8/20/2009
Compatibility HoI3 vanilla 1.2
Mod team ShiBDiB

Change Log


-Heavy transport now requires basic four engine research before it can be researched.


-Fixed airborne armor unit size/strength bug -Thanks Devildread


-Buffed regular paratroopers. Check for specifics


-Re-Added missing technology files allowing new units to receive upgrades. -Thanks Endor


Modified Transport Space

- Airborne Armor now only fits in the heavy transport

- All other units modified accordingly

Airborne Armor

-Max Strength Changed from 30->100

-Heavy Transport now a research prerequisite

-research modifiers changed to be more in line of an armor unit

Tech Screens

-Removed underscores and added descriptions

-Custom background for secret weapons (placeholder until i make something less ugly)


-Airborne Warfare Missing research bug fixed.


Added specialized brigades and removed the ability to airdrop regulars

-Airborne AT

-Airborne AA

-Airborne Engineers

-Airborne Armor

Modified Research

-All new units have their own research

-Added new units to the upgrade tree so new tech effects their stats

Heavy Transport Planes

-Double the size of standard transports

-Increased IC cost and buildtime

Gave HQ's the ability to be airdropped

-Lowered transport space to 5


-Gave default AT/AA/ENG/Light Armor the ability to be airdropped