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What it does

Here are a few new things to expect the AI to do differently:

Limited War - Puppets can no longer declare war on masters. AI Factions - Can now influence nations. Balancing diplomacy - Faction joining for highly neutral countries is verry difficult. And more ^^

Update Log/Implemented Features

Thumbs up Ai Improvement Pack V0.8 - Combined efforts to improve diplomacy!

Update version V0.8

(minor version wich is compatible with 0.7 savegames since no mechanics have been changed only some limits are set.)

  • IMPORTANT : Nasty allies where trying to join factions by asking for alliances instead of faction joins therefor bypassing our preset limits (Seems to be confirmed in my own games!)
  • Speed BOOST : Trades are not handled every day. but on average once every 10 days. (They won't get out of stock in those few days anyway).

Update version V0.7
  • Reduced the amount of threat generated by declaring war from 35 to 25
  • Drift revamp :
    • Drifts are now much more based on Ideology.
    • Treat is now less effective at drifting
    • Getting to close to a faction corner the countries are getting a bit repulsed so they do not get perfect alignment so fast. (should keep neutal countries better in the center )
    • Special Love for ppl who don't like Finland in Allies (Put their alignment in the middle of the triangle.
    • USA starts a bit further away from democracy.
    • And some other drift tweaks.

Let me know if those changes where to much and they need to be reduced a bit. Happy hunting ^^

Update version V0.6
  • Fixed 2 bugs inVersion 0.5 that prevented call to arms entirely (Found by Myros Thnx!)
  • Added Timdog's Intelligence mod For extra performance and fixes unkillable spy bug

Update version V0.5
  • Limited war - Puppets no more declare war on their master (pupets can not join a war until their truce is over)
  • Reduced neutrality distance from threat from 50 to 25. This makes neutral countries stay much longer out of wars.
  • Smaller faction members do not try to influence other nations anymore. (Performance boost)
  • Nations are not gonna look for strong nations that are close to another faction to counter influence anymore. (vanilla functions are not working properly)
  • Nations will only look for diplomatic actions if they have enough influence (Performance boost)
  • Made Italy impressed if Germany has warsau.(ger needs the help on France)
  • Many small performance and balancing issues.

Update version V0.4
  • Neighbors where to likely to be influences this has been reduced a little.
  • Fixed a bug in vanille where for every tick every country was trying to look how to spend influence even if they didn't have it. This gives a good performance boost overal.

Update version V0.3
  • Seem that the custom scripts for countries where not properly loaded they are now embeded into th diplomacy lua itself. (Now it really fixes the early invitation of axis factions)

Update version V0.2
  • At paradox they seem to have forgotten to read out the custom lua scripts. Therefore, JAP HUN ITA could still join before they should. Fixed now!

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location AI Improvement Sub-Forum
Current version 1.3.4
Last update February, 2010
Compatibility HoI3 1.3
Mod team Shauf, also Azeno, Maclane, Fanatical, TimDog, Dominik, and Myros

Current Features

Feature Description
Game Mechanics Greatly enhances AI ability.
Graphics & Sound N/A
Technology N/A
New Units N/A