Shanxi ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Yan Xishan Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence
Chief Of Air: Carpet Bombing Doctrine
Head Of Government: Smiling Oilman
Head Of State: Ruthless Powermonger
Chief Of Army: Armoured Spearhead Doctrine
Wang Zuanxu Paternal Autocrat Foreign Minister: Iron Fisted Brute 1936.1.1
Fu Zuoyi Paternal Autocrat Armament Minister: Air To Ground Proponent 1936.1.1
Qu Yangke Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror 1936.1.1
Shang Zhen Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Intelligence: Naval Intelligence Specialist 1936.1.1
Dmitrij Krolcheff Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Navy: Base Control Doctrine 1936.1.1