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I recently played a campaign as Saudi Arabia the country has a large land mass small IC and poor infrastructure, however don’t let this put you off Saudi Arabia has the large amounts of oil reserves which it sells to multiple nations if a player was too alliance with Persia Persia there is a high chance that these nations will control the largest oil reserves with this in mind there are possibilities of attacking the surrounding neighbors all of whom are in the allies, however all this can only be done late on in the game when the neutrality is at its lowest.


Distribution of Leadership

Less than 5 ls. You only have some useless air techs, put as a joke, probably; and one tech in milita. The objective is to unlock infantry, production efficiency, also education. Anything more will be licensed. Spare ls can go to radio, to win a war boost.



A possibility is an alliance with Persia close neighbor who has a reasonable sized army should you wish to declare war on the UK.




Nothing much to change. In 1938 you will receive a minister which boosts organitzation regain rate.


Dictatorial regime. Do prepare for war, and in 6 months you will have optimal laws.

Political Parties




Industrial Production

You start with 5 ic, which becomes 9 with optimal laws. If you join the axis, you can climb to 40-50 requesting LL.



The Saudi Arabian Army is small in a 1936 start with only a couple of militia divisions, a Calvary division and one infantry division all of which are reserves, if the player wishes to declare war on the United Kingdom it is necessary to have a large army to cover the most ground, in the south of the country 2 militia divisions and 2 Calvary divisions should be enough however depending on what strategies a player uses the north of the country could vary from a militia/infantry division per province to one per region.


You start without any ship, or the capabilities to build anything more than tp.

Air Force

Well, you start with some air techs. You can build only navals, though. Some countries will possibly ask for them, at the start of the game. Anyway, you do not posses any airfield at the start, so there is no use to an airforce for this country.


War with the United kingdom and its allies

Yes this is a big war yes it’s been mentioned in the above text however you will need to know the key information. Your neighbors are Iran the United Kingdom United Kingdom, Oman Oman and Yemen Yemen. It would be suicide launching an attack without an ally however to start with it is not necessary to join the axis as long as an alliance with an other nation like Afghanistan Afghanistan and/or Persia is made. When a player has taken over the south of the country they should put all focus to the north if a successful campaign work i would recommend not pushing into Africa due to the number of forces there instead a push into India with Persia/Afghanistan advised.

Gaming the System

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