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Reoccupation of the Rhineland

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In Hearts of Iron 3 the Reoccupation of the Rhineland decision and event gives multiple benefits to Germany and is the first decision they can undertake.


Under Articles 42 and 44 of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles—imposed on Germany by the Allies after the Great War—Germany was "forbidden to maintain or construct any fortification either on the Left bank of the Rhine or on the Right bank to the west of a line drawn fifty kilometers to the East of the Rhine". If a violation "in any manner whatsoever" of this Article took place, this "shall be regarded as committing a hostile act...and as calculated to disturb the peace of the world".

The Locarno Treaties, signed in 1925 by Germany, France, Italy and Britain, stated that the Rhineland should continue its demilitarized status permanently. Locarno was regarded as important as it was a voluntary German acceptance of the Rhineland's demilitarized status as opposed to the dictate of Versailles.

The Remilitarization of the Rhineland by the German Army took place on 7 March 1936 when German forces entered the Rhineland.


In order for Germany to fire the event they must have at least 120 brigades, are not at war or in an alliance with France, and have at least two units along the border with France. One is needed in Saarlouis, Saarbruken, Primasens, Aachern, or Villingen, and the other is needed in Donaueschingen, Baden, Hinterzarten, or Todtmoos.

Note: Before FtM Germany need 40 divisions, instead of need 120 brigades.

Firing the event will reduce German relations with France by 15, Belgium by 10, and the Netherlands and United Kingdom by five. The decision reduces Germany's dissent by two, neutrality by ten, increases national unity by three, manpower by 250, and money by 500. The decision reduces France's and the United Kingdom's neutrality by three, the event reduces it by a further three, and France gains three threat on Germany.

Note: Before FtM Germany decision reduce threat only by three,instead by ten. All other things unchanged.