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Brings back the Autoslider feature of HoI2 with smart implementation.


The Autoslider feature works by "misusing" the Production AI. In order to toggle autoslider, turn the Production AI on or off. It will not add anything to your production queue when in AI mode. The Production AI sets the sliders by the following preferences:

  • 1. Consumer goods will be set to 'Need' plus a boost if money stockpile is falling below 10 day buffer or there is dissent. Both work smooth, e.g. the more money is lacking or dissent the higher the boost!
  • 2. Supply will be set to 'Need' plus an increasing boost if it is below 30 day buffer of daily use. If it is above 30 day buffer supply production will be decreased slowly until 0 when it hits a 45-day buffer. This frees IC for the next ones.
  • 3. Reinforcement will be set to 'Need' or whatever IC is left if it is less.
  • 4. Production will be set to 'Need' or whatever IC is left if it is less.
  • 5. Upgrade will be set to 'Need' or whatever IC is left or 'steal' 5% of production IC if upgrade need is big enough.
  • 6. If there is still IC left then increase supplies or consumer goods if there is any dissent. (AI controlled countries will use it for unit production)

AI Production Manager Improvements

This makes the AI controlled countries use the smart slider too and use their IC smarter:

  • 1. Fixed convoy bug (convoys get build with priority)
  • 2. Fixed escort bug (no more escort spamming)
  • 3. Fixed infantry spamming bug
  • 4. Disallowed AI to build anything bigger than its own total IC (prevents small countries from going for strategy bombers, battleships, etc.)
  • 5. Uses excess IC to extend existing buildings (AA, airbase, naval base, land forts, industry)
  • 6. Uses excess IC to build monthly an infantry and militia division (~ 1/3 with anti tank and 1/3 with artillery brigades when available)
  • 7. Stops to build infantry from excess IC if officer ratio is below 85%

The building algorithm gives the AI approximately one random owned province a day to build something in it. It will only build something that already exists there, e.g. you have a level 4 airbase with AA in Frankfurt then the AI will build an extra AA or airbase level when it gets the chance. This ensures that, e.g. the Soviets or USA do not start building random stuff in the middle of nowhere but extends in places where it uses it. A low chance ensures that not all free IC is sucked away with long term building projects.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version 1.3
Last update 8/30/2009
Compatibility All HOI3 Versions
Mod team reisender

Current Features

Feature Description
Game Mechanics Returns the "Autoslider" functionality to HoI3. Improves and bugfixes AI production manager for AI countries.
Graphics & Sound N/A
Technology N/A
New Units N/A