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Map example

An attempt to make the different terrain types more apparent and to create a more map like feel for the game.

  1. A new and more detailed map to work with the new texturesheets and other files from the terrain folder.
    1. Includes other terrainsheets that you can rename for your own style, see alternative texturesheets folder in my map\terrain folder.
  2. New province.bmp and river.bmp which attempts to fix most of the minor graphical problems with the vanilla map.
  3. New terrain_2_0.fx to lessen the darkness of the FOW (does not remove the FOW), helps to create a more uniformed appearance for the map and also to allow the colours for the different map types to stand out.
  4. New water.fx to allow the sea colour to show more clearly and again a slight lessening of the FOW.
  5. New counter background simplified and with slight shading.
  6. Change to the technology screen to create the effect that the tabs are panel switches that light up.
  7. New counters, increased the size of mapcounters to allow for more detail but only for those that can be represented by an object such as ships and planes see screen shot below. Does not affect the size of the counter only the graphic.
  8. Map relief effect to map, a graphic effect made by manipulating a world relief map to fit the HOI3 map, allowing for some compromises it works pretty well but consider it only a graphic enhancement it has no game play impact.
  9. New Unit and combat interface.
  10. Change to the pop-up design and position, places some of the pop-ups in the top left corner,they do not obscure the action as much.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Re-textured Map Download
Current version 1.4
Last update ?
Compatibility HoI3 v1.4, FTM, TFH
Mod team (identify all who helped create the mod)
AAR archives (link to any AARs featuring the mod—this helps convey mod popularity)


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound New counters and tech tree icons.
Technology N/A
Map New world map design.
Events N/A
New Units N/A
Game Mechanics N/A