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  1. Their military helps you in combat.
  2. Trade at discount and only with master.
  3. Free transit rights.
  4. Will supply your troops in their country.
  5. When attacking from puppet, you get the territory.
  6. When puppet conqers province, you get the territory.
  7. No partisans.
  8. Use a puppet country to block the land supply route. So you can continue to supply via Convoy.
  9. Use a puppet country to block the enemy. Puppet a country between you and the enemy.
  10. Resources, they send you any resources they have above 1000.
  11. A puppet has no foreign policy.
  12. Leadership points.
  13. Can not declare war on puppet.


  1. Can not transport resources through territory
  2. Can not transfer supplies through territory
  3. No Change in Ministers
  4. Can not deploy your army directly on their territory
  5. Can not use their IC