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Portugal is a small country on the Western coast of Europe, It's landmass is bordered only by Spain. Portugal also has two colonies in Southern Africa, Angola on the SouthWest, and Mozambique on the SouthEast. While a Small European country with a Small military, Portugal is one of the hardest countries to take over, as Portugal has small pockets of land all over the world. Colonies larger than their mainland like Angola, and small Islands and regions like Madeira in the atlantic, and Macau in China


Distribution of Leadership



An Obvious Alliance for Portugal will be with the Axis countries.





Political Parties




Industrial Production



Armed forces of Portugal Consist with: 7 Divisions of Infantry


Naval forces consist with: 2 Destroyers 1 Submarine and 2 Transport Ships

Air Force

1 Strategic Bomber


War with X

Spanish Civil War

Portugal's Landmass is surrounded by Spain, If Portugal wishes to expand into Europe it should ally itself with one of the Spanish factions once the civil war starts, and Take land during the war. Portugal has a small manpower count, and cannot do much on its own. It is advisable to associate it with the Axis faction, as it can assist The Nationalist Spain in the civil war, and later assist Germany in invading France if the player wishes to get involved heavily.

However, it could also be a strategy to declare war on both sides at once, but it may be advisable to wait a few weeks so both sides can knock each over out. The advantages of this strategy is that it would be a lot quicker and you would keep all of Spain, on the other hand, it would require a lot more troops and resources.

United Kingdom and France

When the player decide to attack England and France, according to the version 3.05 (FTM), Portugal has Colonies on:

Africa = 5 Colonies in total: 2 In North-Africa (1 in the continent the second a small island) 3 in Southern Africa (1 divided by France and the other 2 are close, with England in the middle).

Asia = 2 Colonies in total: 1 on India (South) and 1 in China (side of Hong-Kong)

Oceania = 2 Colonies in total: the 2 are very close, but divided by Netherlands. They are on the Lands who belongs to Indonesia.

A good Strategy playing Portugal is to Put Garrison with Anti-Tank (even Tank Destroyers) and maybe an Anti-Aircraft making 3x1 (3 Gar & 1 At 1 AA) or (2 Gar, 1 AT & 1 AA) on the Colonies who have a Port Access, after all no if Portugal loose their ports of their Colonies, they loose too a great opportunity to Push on those Continents against the Allied Forces.

After place the Garrison with the AT & AA support and after on each port the player have Coastal Forts and Land Forts on the same place where have Ports. The Player could defend easy the place for future invasions against those places.

The player must have on mind that, trying to attack on India will require some Corps to gain Territory and to Defend it from the Allied Forces.

At least with 2 or 3 Corps (Corps of 5 of course, making a total of 15 Divisions) could Gain some Territory and defend it.

On the Oceania Case at least with 1 Corp will be enough to gain part or Total control of Indonesia, don't forget to have some Transport Ships and some Escort (Destroyer, Submarines, etc.) for them if attacking Oceania.

On Portugal's mainland, the player must use the same method to protect the 2 ports. If the Player decides to attack France, it would be easy to go directly to Central Africa and take those lands. Once France falls to Germany, it will have only 2 Lands: 1 in Central Africa and Madagascar. Careful! Attacking Central Africa will mean that the player is going to need more Manpower, Divisions and maybe Corps to defend the large Coastal side from North-Africa to Central Africa, which belongs to England & France.

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