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Persia is a micro power situated in Southern Asia and is a great nation for experienced players, although weak at the start, it can quickly become the richest nation as it can easily control over 3/4s of the worlds fuel supplies.


Infantry and cavalry are your friends. The desert can not handle supply eating tanks and most your neighbours will only have infantry in the area. Remember to train your troops for mountains and deserts.

Distribution of Leadership

Quickly train your 10 home spies and stop all research into spies, you will not be able to afford it. Put some leadership into diplomacy and officers before putting it all into research.



Persia intended to join the Axis and fight the Russian bear from underneath but that would not be the best strategy for Persia, Russia would eventually send tanks down to Iran and beat you. Allies would seem like a good option, but you would not be able to gain much land as nearly all of your neighbours is in the Allies.

So that leaves Commitern which is by far the best alliance to join for a Persian Empire. Help as much as you can overcome the Germans but Germany Germany is not where you will make your fortune. When the European war is finished and you helped Russia invade Eastern Europe, return to Persia for a war against the allies.


There are no Decisions or Events for Persia.




Political Parties


Get 10 home spies and forget it.



As you expand, you will soon own the entire worlds oil supplies, use this to make you rich and buy the resources with that money.

Industrial Production

You will have very little Industrial Capacity so you must use it wisely. You might need to build more Airports for your Air Force to really hit the enemy.


Persia's Military is weak but, with the right guidance, Persia could quickly become the main power of the middle east.


You start of with a small army with only a handful of infantry and one cavalry divisions. You need to expand on this to become a power. As mentioned earlier, Infantry and Cavalry is your best bet.


You start of with no navy. A naval force is not necessary but you will need a fleet of transports and a couple of submarines for escorting them to help the new Empire. A naval force would not be good without its own Marines, train some to help with the naval landings.

Air Force

Persia starts of with no Air Force. An air force is not necessary but, even a small one, would greatly help the expansion as ground attack can turn a battle around. Build a squadron of Bombers and Interceptors, two each would do as your Industries cannot handle much more.


War with Afghanistan Afghanistan

If you manage to quickly get your neutrality down, you should declare war on Afghanistan before the Russian Winter War. Also, you shouldn't have joined the Commitern by now, Russia might steal a lot of your land. You should quickly rush their capital but the River could easily block your attacks for weeks. One strategy is to just wait it out to get their unity and supplies down and their dissent up. You could also try to flank them along the sides of the river.

Russian Winter War

You don't really need to help Soviet Union Soviet Union out in this war but you might want to train your troops or generals for greater causes and testing out your upgrades on the advanced Germans.

War with Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

After, before or during the Russian Winter War, it doesn't really matter. But, you will need transports and you will need extra troops. Quickly invade the ports using marines and land a main invasion force to mop up and take the main cities. This war shouldn't last more than a month.

War with the Allies

The Russian War should have ended and peace in Europe should have commenced. The Soviet Union should have extended all the war to France and you should have a large force and control a large amount of the worlds oil. Its now time to truly expand and become the greatest nation in the world. Line your troops up on all borders to invade Pakistan, Yemen Yemen, Oman Oman, Iraq Iraq and Egypt right off the bat.

Britain should not have many troops in Africa or India and the more important Russian expansion should keep them busy. However, you may still need a large force for this monster war.

Gaming the System

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