People's Republic of Korea ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Kim Il Sung Stalinist Head Of Government: Backroom Backstabber
Head Of State: Power Hungry Demagogue
Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror
Chief Of Army: Decisive Battle Doctrine
Nam Il Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence
Foreign Minister: General Staffer
Cho Man-sik Stalinist Armament Minister: Laissez Faires Capitalist 1936.1.1
Xiao Jinguang Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Research Specialist 1936.1.1
Song Shilun Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Fire Support 1936.1.1
Liu Xiyuan Stalinist Chief Of Navy: Indirect Approach Doctrine 1936.1.1
Li Kenong Stalinist Chief Of Air: Carpet Bombing Doctrine 1936.1.1
Yi Tong-whi Social Democrat Head Of State: Barking Buffoon 1936.1.1
Kim Chang Kim Social Democrat Head Of Government: Flamboyant Tough Guy 1936.1.1
Kim Yong Chol Social Democrat Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1936.1.1
Park Hyong Yong Social Democrat Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist 1936.1.1
Chi Chun Chung Social Democrat Minister Of Security: Compassionate Gentleman 1936.1.1
Youn Min Ho Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Technical Specialist 1936.1.1
Kim Il-chol Social Democrat Chief Of Army: Guns And Butter Doctrine 1936.1.1
Ryoo Jung Sip Social Democrat Chief Of Navy: Decisive Naval Battle Doctrine 1936.1.1
Park Min Kyung Social Democrat Chief Of Air: Naval Aviation Doctrine 1936.1.1