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Norway is a minor powers situated in the vicinity of other major powers such as the UK, Germany and the Soviet Union.

The goal

The goal is to create a Scandinavian empire and to withstand the Soviet Union.

The start

- Politics: In the beginning there's only one minister that is worth replacing and that is to put Mowinckel as a foreign minister. Don't bother with the parties. Since Norway has 100 in neutrality, there's only a couple of laws that can be changed. One Law that is worth changing is the Education Law.

- Technology: Focus only on Infantry, Education and Industry techs. Have at least 1.4 leadership for espionage and at least 1.1 leadership for research.

- Production: Slowly start building infantry. Remember to build them as reserves.

- Intelligence: Use the domestic spies to lower neutrality and the external spies to increase the threat in Denmark.

- Diplomacy: Align towards the Axis with the goal of joining them. Start making trade deals.


-Joining faction: By aligning towards the Axis all the time since the start and increasing the threat of Denmark, you should be able to join the axis before they go to war. If they do go to war before you join, just keep aligning and eventually you'll get there.

-Denmark: Before Germany declares war against Denmark build at least 2 transports. Ship the infantry (forget the HQ's) down next to Copenhagen and then declare war (if possible). But be aware, if Germany is also at war with them, it is important to take as much land as possible before they do. Use the spies in Denmark to try and lower their national unity and maybe that'll get them to surrender. Note: The moment war starts it is very important to change the laws.

-Finland: This is going to be a bit harder and it is important to build enough infantry. A nice tactic could be to ship 2 or 3 divisions next to Helsinki, then ask for passage rights through Sweden, send the rest of the divisions (yes all of them) to the north of Finland and commence the attack. The two fronts should make Finland surrender after you take the most important cities. Remember to use the spies to lower national unity.

-Sweden: Since Sweden is neutral it's divisions is at 25% and to steamroll them should be a cakewalk.

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