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North Korea, is a Playable country once a savegame has been edited. Before play this country:

1)The Player must Start Playing as Japan 2)After the game start and the player choosed Japan, the player must go to Politics & Create a Puppet (choosing North Korea) 3)Once Released, the player must save the game 4)Exit from the game and locate the Savegame (HOI3 Mainfolder -> Savegames / HOI3 Mainfolder -> Mod -> (name of the mod) -> Savegames and edit the Savegame, changing at the start the letters: "JAP" to "PRK" and edit on "Vassals", deleting any trace of Japan having PRK (North Korea) as a Vassal (Puppet)

Once all that is finished, you can play North Korea normally (without being a Vassal/Puppet of Japan).

Note: Playing with North Korea could be hard, because even if the Player edited the Savegame to be released and don't be a Japan Vassal, the rest of the territory would be: Manchuria on the North and Japan on the South (if South Korea "KOR" wasn't released from Japan).

This country have some resources and even on the savegame, the player can edit them on "Current_Producing" & "Max_Producing" with 1000.000 so never will need anybody to build his North Korea Empire.

Releasing North Korea and editing the SaveGame, adding it to the Commitern faction, could be interesting... more if South Korea was released and it's a country of the Allied faction.

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