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New Zealand is a micro power situated in Australasia.


New Zealand starts out with a fair amount of combat orientated techs

  • All cavalry techs as far as level 2
  • All Infantry techs at level 1
  • Light Armour Brigades
  • The Destroyer activation tech
  • The Submarine activation tech
  • The Interceptor activation tech
  • The Tactical Bomber activation tech

With the ability to build light armour from the start of the game, getting the third level of Cavalry tech straight away would allow for the creation of motorised brigades which could be used in armoured divisions.
A good strategy would be to research Industrial Production and Industrial Efficiency. Trying to build more IC is just a waste of time and IC which is better served building divisions. Industrial Production will boost your IC from a base of 9, to 11 before the war starts. Its not much, but if you are creating brigades to attach to existing units it can help.



The only decision New Zealand can make is Prepare for War


New Zealand, as would be expected for a Micro Power, does not have access to many ministers in the 1936 start. Below is a list of the most advantageous of them:
Head of State
George de Vere Viscount Galway

  • Gives a +5% boost to IC

Head of Government
Micheal Joseph Savage

  • Gives a +5% boost to IC

Head of Intelligence
Frederick Freeman

  • Gives +5% Espionage Bonus

The other ministerial positions either have ministers who give the same bonuses, or they cannot be changed until later in the game.


As New Zealand is a Micro Power, the chances of a major nation taking any interest in it is very slim. Considering this, the best strategy is to set spies to a mix of Support Ruling Party and Increase National Unity.
Should you wish to send spies to another country, attention should be focused on the USA as they appear to be the easiest nation for a small power to steal tech from in the early part of the game. Considering the low amount of leadership available to New Zealand, and most of that going to technological advances, sustaining multiple spy networks is not feasible or necessary


Industrial Production

Building Convoys should be of paramount importance throughout the game. New Zealand does not have a lot of resources, and trading for more is going to be a fact of life. However, they serve a much bigger purpose later in the game (see the War section below)

  • Building divisions that make the most out of your limited manpower is tricky. While this matter is up to a player's disgression, one method to help limit over spending manpower is to copy how the computer composes new divisions which is usually two line brigades and two support brigades (INF, INF, ART, AA for example) It may not have the same numbers of 3xINF 1xART divisions, but they usually have the same combat values. With the manpower New Zealand starts with (94) it should be possible to make two Corps worth of Infantry divisions using this method before the war starts (NOTE: the last statement assumes 3 divisions to a Corps)
  • Building extra Artillery and Anti-Tank brigades to fill out New Zealand's starting units wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  • As New Zealand has access to light armour, converting the cavalry brigades to light armour brigades and motorised brigades and an extra light armour division should be considered as it is achievable before the war starts (or at least before 1940)
  • Should the Advanced Construction tech be researched, it would be advisable to build one run of infrastructure in Timaru. This would eliminate the need for the computer to randomly supply Dunedin, thus freeing up one Convoy for other uses.

Building extra IC is not advisable.



New Zealand starts 1936 with four divisions, one comprised of 3xINF and three comprised of 1xINF,1xCAV. Each of these should be reorganized to dedicated divisions of infantry and cavalry, one method being one division of 3xCAV and two divisions of 3xINF and another method being one division of 2xCAV, one division of 1xCAV (building an extra Cavalry brigade should be possible before the war starts if this route is taken), and three divisions of 2xINF.


New Zealand starts 1936 with five Transport ships. Because of the countries low IC it is almost impossible for NZ to build up a proper fleet. The best path to go with is probably just to focus on transport ship construction for their army. It is possible, however, for NZ to construct a few destroyers that can be used to help escort the main transport fleet, as well as to be used as decoys.

Air Force


When war breaks out, and assuming a high Convoy count, Request Lend/Lease from the UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the USA when it joins the war. This will immediately increase the IC which would allow for the construction of Destroyers, Aircraft, or Coastal Defenses in preparation for a very likely Japanese invasion.

North Africa

This is arguably the most fun campaign a player can choose to do. However, a New Zealand player should not expect to completely dominate the Italians. Whist Italian North Africa is lightly defended when the Italians join the war, and getting as far as Benghazi before France falls is easily done, the Italians soon reinforce Libya and attempt amphibious operations in Egypt. If unchecked, your army will be isolated and in time destroyed.
Expect little to no help from the Allied AI. It seems to not want to hold onto Egypt under any circumstances as it will never send reinforcements the region.
If/when Libya is taken, Sicily or Sardinia could become the next set of targets. Should either or both of these islands be captured attacking the Italian mainland would seem to be the next logical choice. But again, do not expect AI assistance during that possible endeavor.

Singapore and Indonesia

This is probably the harder campaign for New Zealand due to the Japanese's overwhelming naval superiority.


Without adequate prior planning and support from a larger power, New Zealand and Australia can quickly fall to the Japanese. Generally they will invade through the top of the North Island and as such it is advisable that at least 1 or 2 infantry divisions are kept up near Auckland just in case. It may also be worth investing in one or two destroyers, however they will be no match for the Japanese fleets. It is also worth assisting the Australians if the Japanese attempt to invade them as once they defeat Australia they will quickly switch focus to New Zealand

Building a Kiwi Empire

If working with another player, it is altogether possible for New Zealand to defeat Australia if supported by, for example, Germany. This will give New Zealand a large IC boost and from there it is feasible that they could conquer other nearby nations.

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