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Goals: to allow the player more options in customizing his fleet, especially regarding carriers and AA equipment.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version 1.1. Beta
Last update 13.8.2009
Compatibility 1.1c


new CAG System

  • Added Carrier Fighter, Divebomber and Torpedobomber Wings
  • Basic CAG Size for Carriers increased to 3 CAGS (Escort Carriers still at 1)
  • Researching Hangars increases CAG Size by 1
  • Researching Carrier Armor decreases CAG Size by 1

-> you can now model the British armored flight deck carriers with better air defense at the cost of smaller aircraft numbers, or the Essex class with more planes but worse air defense

expanded AA system

  • Destroyers carry light AA
  • Light Cruisers and escort carriers carry light and medium AA
  • Heavy Cruisers and Carriers carry light, medium and heavy AA
  • Battlecruisers, Battleships and Super Heavy Battleships carry light, medium, heavy AA and secondary artillery

-> researching new AA will upgrade all your ships, giving you more (AA) bang for the (research) buck

additional features

  • Air defense is now increased by better armor, not better AA:

each new Armor level will increase the Air defense by half its increase in sea defense

  • basic implementation of float/scoutplanes:

Increases surface detection, shore bombardment, convoy attack of light, heavy and battle cruisers as well as Battleships and Super Heavy Battleships

  • Super Heavy Battleships now profit from Battleship armor, Capital ship armament and Large Warship Radar (in addition to the new components listed above)
  • Destroyers now carry Torpedoes, increased by Torpedo research (for Submarines). These now update and provide the biggest part of the Sea Attack value for destroyers.