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The information of this article are meant to be for a 1936 campaign where one plays Spain until the Civil War breaks out and then saves and switches to Nationalist Spain.


Unfortunately, Nationalist Spain starts with no practical overall and far less techs than Republican Spain Republican Spain. That does not change after the surrender event. Nationalist Spain lacks the capacity for effective military research so technology focus should be on industrial and land doctrines.

Distribution of Leadership

Unlike major powers technology is the lowest priority of Nationalist Spain. Officers and Intelligence are the most critical elements for a successful campaign. Having a full officer compliment is a crucial advantage (due to technological shortfalls) for your troops and it should be kept at the maximum level at all times. Nationalist Spain must invest in both foreign and domestic spies in order to make early territorial gains. Nationalist Spain's spy network should include ten domestic spies lowering neutrality, and ten spies raising threat in Portugal Portugal, United Kingdom United Kingdom, Vichy France Vichy France, Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, and Greece Greece, and Liberia Liberia.

Nationalist Spain can begin technology improvement after their officer and propaganda corps are stable doing their jobs.


The best choice for an alliance seems to be Axis. This enables the player to buy production licenses from Germany and Japan cheap that are really, really helping your nation.


Ten Spies at home that lower neutrality are a very good idea so you can DoW the Allies when the player wants without waiting for a call to arms. To invest a bit after the Civil War is won seems like an excellent idea.


As Spain can't afford much research, concentrate on infantry. Buy production licenses as soon as possible and as much as possible, as Germany already has level III infantry and later gets level IV while Spain still might have level II ones. Wait until Spain has collected some infantry practical before starting to research infantry weapons on your own.

Air Force

It seems like a good idea to go for CAS. They have a very high hard attack which is the very weak spot of the infantry army. Buy production licenses from Germany to build Multi Role Fighters and StuKas. They come in handy and use the same research and practical.


War with Republican Spain

The war breaks out with an event that splits the Spanish forces between Nationalist and republican forces. This means battles will begin all over Spain between brigades that are suddenly standing right next to the enemy. This might take some sorting out.

Conquer the enemy controlled regions in the north and north east first. Move as fast as possible in the South to link up the territory. Push back the enemy, encircle them and then: logistical strikes until they run out of supply. Those units can't attack and will join the Spanish army after the Nationalists win. When you feel you have enough numerical superiority: go for the VP's.

War with the Allies

Do not challenge anybody at sea. It will only get the Armada sunk. Move into France to help Germany, but concentrate on Africa for your own gain in IC and especially some resources. After the Vichy event, wait until Japan demanded Indochina and DoW Vichy and take them out, this way Spain gets some badly needed leadership and IC. This leads to a war over Africa (against the UK) which will be time consuming, but also will be one of the few options to expand the Spanish territory.

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