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Hearts of Iron III: Modern Warfare shifts the timeline of the game from the WW2 era to the present millennium. The mod begins at the year 2000 and ends on 2030, as is with the vanilla game you are free to choose any country and guide it through the new millennium with all the challenges and opportunities it offers.

Official Page Modern Warfare Mod DB Page]
Current version Beta 6.1
Compatibility HoI3 Their Finest Hour v4.02 GSKH
Installation type Single exe file

Main features of this mod:

  • Three new factions

Play as either NATO, CSTO or the PLA

  • New world map

A completely new world map to play on, with more provinces and new possibilities, urban terrain is much more common and is harder to fight in.

  • New units

A whole new arsenal of new units to choose from and deadly new weapons to command and conquer your foes.

  • New decisions and events

While not a world war, the new millennium promises much more complex types of warfare as well as opportunities for collaboration.

  • European Union

Europe is no longer the center of the world, in order for it to survive in the new world order it may be best for Europe to unite... by diplomacy or force.

  • United Nations Security Council

Cast votes on UN Security Council resolutions both as a permanent member and non permanent member. The fate of many countries depends on your choices. Will you allow the world to dictate your actions or just veto any disagreement at the UN?

  • New technologies

Many new technologies to research and types of warfare to unlock, combine the best of your countries knowledge with the best of your mighty weapons to defeat any foe.

  • New political and diplomatic mechanics

Neutrality is now controlled by your foreign ministers and your military budget. While your army would gladly take the increase in budget it may raise a few eyebrows and suspicions.

  • Historic ministers

New ministers have been added from the year 2000 all the way to the year 2012 and beyond.