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The politic life of your country will be lead by the head of state, the head of government, and the cabinet. The head of state and head of government are appointed through elections (or coup d'etat in case of totalitarian regimes) while the members of the cabinet, or minister, can be appointed at any time during the year. New ministers will be available every January 1st. Each politic figure will have a trait (e.g., autocratic charmer) which will give your country bonuses.

Head of State

Heads of State are not manually changeable, and only change during elections in some government types that have elections. Their effects are highly varied.

Trait Modifiers
Autocratic Charmer
  • IC -5%
  • Consumer Goods During Wartime -50%
Stern Imperialist
  • IC +5%
Resigned Generalissimo
  • Supplies +10%
  • Consumer Goods During Wartime +2.5%
Insignificant Layman
  • Money +5%
  • Consumer Goods During Wartime +2.5%
Ruthless Powermonger
  • Land Organisation -5%
  • National Unity Changes -20%
Power-Hungry Demagogue
  • National Unity Changes -10%
  • Espionage Bonus +5%
Barking Buffoon
  • National Unity Changes +10%
  • Intel During Peace +5%
Popular Figurehead
  • Ruling Party Support +10%
Pig-Headed Isolationist
  • Susceptibility to External Pressure -50%
  • Change in Neutrality +0.01
Benevolent Gentleman
  • Susceptibility to External Pressure -5%
  • Organisation Regain Rate +5%
Weary Stiff Neck
  • Susceptibility to External Pressure +5%
  • Organisation Regain Rate +5%

Head of Government

As with Heads of State, these are not manually changeable, and change during elections in government types that have elections. Their effects are highly varied.

Trait Modifiers
Backroom Backstabber
  • IC -5%
  • Ruling Party Support +10%
Silent Workhorse
  • IC +5%
Happy Amateur
  • Money -5%
  • Consumer Goods During Peace -2%
Ambitious Union Boss
  • Consumer Goods During Wartime +5%
  • Daily Dissent Change -5%
Corporate Suit
  • Money +10%
Smiling Oilman
  • Crude Oil +5%
Political Protege
  • Ruling Party Support +5%
  • Consumer Goods During Peacetime -2.5%
Flamboyant Tough Guy
  • Tendency to Drift Due to Internal Factors +5%
Naive Optimist
  • Threat Impact -10%
Old General
  • Land Organisation +10%
Old Admiral
  • Naval Organisation +10%
Old Air Marshal
  • Air Organisation +10%

Foreign Minister

For the most part, these affect diplomatic options, or internal politics: increasing drift towards a certain faction, amplifying the effect of threat, affecting the popularity drift of various parties, and in one case, supporting the ruling party.

Trait Modifiers
Great Compromiser
  • Susceptibility to Axis +10%
Cloak-And-Dagger Schemer
  • Susceptibility to Allies +10%
Biased Intellectual
  • Susceptibility to Comintern +10%
Iron-Fisted Brute
  • Threat Impact +5%
  • Ruling Party Support +10%
Ideological Crusader
  • Tendency to Drift Due to Internal Factors +5%
Apologetic Clerk
  • Tendency to Drift Due to Internal Factors -5%

Armament Minister

These provide bonuses to various industrial aspects and/or decrease (primarily theory) knowledge decay.

Trait Modifiers
Administrative Genius
  • IC +10%
Military Entrepreneur
  • Supplies +20%
Corrupt Kleptocrat
  • Supplies -10%
  • Ruling Party Support +10%
Laissez-Faires Capitalist
  • Consumer Goods During Peacetime -2.5%
  • Consumer Goods During Wartime -2.5%
Resource Industrialist
  • Resources +5%
  • Chemical Engineering Decay -25%
Infantry Proponent
  • Infantry Theory Decay -25%
  • Militia Theory Decay -25%
Tank Proponent
  • Automotive Theory Decay -25%
  • Mobile Unit Theory Decay -25%
Battle Fleet Proponent
  • Naval Engineering Decay -25%
Submarine Proponent
  • Submarine Engineering Decay -25%
Air-To-Sea Proponent
  • Naval Engineering Decay -20%
  • Medium Bomber Practical Decay -5%
Air-To-Ground Proponent
  • Aeronautical Engineering Decay -20%
  • Light Aircraft Practical Decay -5%
Strategic Air Proponent
  • Aeronautical Engineering Decay -20%
  • Heavy Aircraft Practical Decay -5%
Air Superiority Proponent
  • Fighter Focus Decay -10%
Theoretical Scientist
  • Nuclear Physics Decay -25%
  • Jet Engine Theory Decay -25%

Minister of Security

These ministers have various internal security bonuses, either obfuscating enemy intelligence, aiding the capture of spies, increasing the support of your regime, or aiding the increase of national unity or decreasing neutrality. One also provides a bonus to leadership.

Trait Modifiers
Man of the People
  • Leadership Modifier +5%
Silent Lawyer
  • Neutrality Change -0.01
Efficient Sociopath
  • National Unity Changes +10%
Crooked Kleptocrat
  • IC -3%
  • Ruling Party Support +10%
Prince of Terror
  • Ruling Party Support +15%
  • Partisan Efficiency +10
Efficient Sociopath
  • Counterintelligence +10%
Back Stabber
  • Daily Dissent Change +1%
  • Counterespionage +10%
Crime Fighter
  • Counterespionage +10%

Minister of Intelligence

These increase the accuracy of the information presented on the Intelligence screen in specific areas.

Trait Modifiers
Technical Specialist
  • Espionage Bonus +5%
Dismal Enigma
  • Land Intel +10%
  • Naval Intel +10%
Research Specialist
  • Land Intel +20%
Naval Intelligence Specialist
  • Naval Intel +20%
Industrial Specialist
  • Industrial Intel +20%
Political Specialist
  • Political Intel +20%

Chief of Staff

Nearly all of these provide a bonus to a particular military stat.

Trait Modifiers
School of Fire Support
  • Attack Reinforce Chance +10%
School of Defense
  • Defend Reinforce Chance +10%
School of Manouevre
  • Combat Movement Speed +10%
School of Psychology
  • Organisation Regain Rate +10%
Logistics Expert
  • Supply Throughput +10%
School of Mass Combat
  • Human Wave Doctrine Decay -10%
  • National Manpower Modifier +5%

Chief of the Army

Most of these decrease practical decay for land units.

Trait Modifiers
Guns and Butter Doctrine
  • Supply Consumption -10%
Static Defence Doctrine
  • Infantry Practical Decay -25%
  • Militia Practical Decay -25%
Elastic Defence Doctrine
  • Mobile Unit Practical Decay -25%
Decisive Battle Doctrine
  • Artillery Practical Decay -25%
Armoured Spearhead Doctrine
  • Armour Practical Decay -25%

Chief of the Navy

Most of these decrease practical decay for naval units.

Trait Modifiers
Base Control Doctrine
  • Naval Base Efficiency +10%
Open Seas Doctrine
  • Destroyer Practical Decay -25%
Indirect Approach Doctrine
  • Cruiser Practical Decay -25%
Decisive Naval Battle Doctrine
  • Capital Ship Practical Decay -25%
Power Projection Doctrine
  • Aircraft Carrier Practical Decay -25%

Chief of the Air Force

Most of these decrease practical decay for air units.

Trait Modifiers
Naval Aviation Doctrine
  • Medium Bomber Practical Decay -15%
  • Naval Engineering Decay -10%
Air Superiority Doctrine
  • Light Aircraft Practical Decay -25%
Army Aviation Doctrine
  • Medium Bomber Practical Decay -25%
Carpet Bombing Doctrine
  • Heavy Aircraft Practical Decay -25%
Vertical Envelopment Doctrine
  • Strategic Airpower Focus Decay -10%


Counterintelligence bonuses decrease the accuracy of the information presented in the Intelligence screen for other countries with spies in your nation. For this reason, this trait is pretty much useless during single player games because the AI will not use the information collected from its intelligence to its advantage. During multiplayer games, this trait can be use to provide inaccurate intelligence to other human players.

Counterespionage will increase your chances of finding enemy spies in your country (i.e.: works as the tooltip says). For more, see Slan's post.

The Espionage Bonus trait is an increase in the accuracy of all information presented on the Intelligence screen, and the various Intel bonuses provide bonuses to the accuracy of the area specified by the trait.

The National Unity Changes trait does not in fact raise or lower National Unity as previously explained. Any effects that change National Unity will be amplified or weakened accordingly. This has the curious effect that, when one wishes to raise national unity, it is to one's advantage to choose ministers and laws that have the red positive percentages.

The Tendency to Drift Due to Internal Factors trait does not, as previously thought, affect drift within the diplomacy triangle. The popularity of every party regardless of organisation are (presumably randomly) assigned an Internal Factors value that affects the change in popularity during that month. This trait amplifies or weakens these values by the stated percentage. It is highly likely that the difference between organisation and popularity for a given party has a strong effect on this value as well.

The Undistinguished Suit minister trait is unique to a single Belgian Leninist minister, Georges Vereecken. Curiously, he has it present as both Chief of the Navy and Chief of the Air Force, a unique situation when all other traits are restricted to a single position. As it has been reported as a bug on the Paradox Forums, it will not be mentioned further in this article unless clarification is given that there that this is not in fact a bug.

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