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This mod corrects a large number of major geographic errors in the Hearts of Iron 3 map. This mod currently focuses on adding urban terrain and cities. I also moved Stalingrad, Warszawa and Kjiv to locations which are a lot more accurate! There are also some provinces that have cities displayed in them, but lack the urban province modifier due to the fact that their cities are too small in comparison with the overall province size.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Mod information & Download
Current version 0.9.5
Last update April, 2010
Compatibility 1.4
Mod team Van Diemen & Aidan
AAR archives (link to any AARs featuring the mod—this helps convey mod popularity)


This mod only contains changes to the map:

Currently the following cities/urban areas have been added:
- Barcelona
- Bordeaux
- Budapest
- Bucuresti
- Dresden
- Dusseldorf
- Instanbul
- Kjiv
- Kharkov
- Kraków
- Koln
- Liverpool
- Praha
- Manchester
- Marseille
- Minsk
- Milan
- Rotterdam
- Rostov-na-Don
- Valencia
- Wien

- Cairo

- Hiroshima
- Madras
- Nara (should represent the actual Osaka)
- Seoul
- Tokyo

- Beunos Aires
- Los Angeles
- Mexico city