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The Hearts of Iron game series was never that accurate when it comes to historical naming of models and technologies. Some might think that this isn't really necessary as it is just a game. But i believe that most people that play HoI3, are people who have a lot of knowledge about WW2 and the equipment and technologies used during that period. And those people just don't want to see the German Tiger Tank being a 1938 technology or being able to only build 4 battleship classes as the US when there were actually 10 that were used.

This Mod is meant for people who just want more "immersion" in their game. Features:

  • Renamed technologies to historical accurate names. No more Type XXI subs researchable in 1940, no Stg 44 researchable in 1942.
  • Adding nearly 1400 pictures for every tech level of every single buildable brigade up to 1946. Clicking on a 1936 anti-tank brigade will show exactly the AT-gun that was used during that time.
  • Revamped model prerequisites. Most of the models need more than one technology to advance to the next level and you had to research all of them to get it. Now researching just a better gun might give you a new tank model, if the tank model you already got was upgunned in WW2. (For example, the German Panzer IV has 4 models in this Mod)

What this Mod does not:

  • It will not change any game mechanics or values. The game stays exactly the same, as the changes are purely cosmetic.
  • It will not add any technologies that weren't in Vanilla HoI3. All of the techs are just renamed and got corresponding pictures.

Nations included:

  • United Kingdom (complete)
  • USA (complete)
  • Germany (complete)
  • Soviet Union (complete)
  • Austria (up to 1938)
  • Poland (up to 1938)

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Major Nations Immersion pack thread
Current version 1.2.1
Last update April, 2010
Compatibility HoI3 vanilla 1.4
Mod team filefool
AAR archives (link to any AARs featuring the mod—this helps convey mod popularity)


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Yes, technology photos updated.
AI n/a
Technology Yes, historical constraints added.
Map n/a
Events n/a
New Units n/a
Game Mechanics n/a