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This mod has been developed out of a general desire to play Hearts of Iron III on as accurate a map as possible. Its goal is to develop the map to its highest potential while still using the vanilla map as a base to work from. The map borders have been tweeked for accuracy and to allow for more accurate partitionment of nations. Currently an additional 380 puppet nations are available for release.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Mod location
Current version 1.5
Last update August, 2010
Compatibility 1.4, SF
Mod team Krazy19Karl, JTess
AAR Archives The World Descends into Chaos
The Eternal Flame - A Zaire AAR


• Major Map Modifications (v1.4)

o First set of liberation events included for most South American puppetable states. (Once a puppetable state's land is conquered, an event fires to allow you to establish that state in foreign owned land)
o New events added to mimic historic changes in ownership of provinces
o   32 key provinces change name with ownership (Memel/Klaipeda, Königsburg/Kaliningrad, Batavia/Djakarta, Gyeongseong/Seoul, Stalingrad/Volgograd...)
o   Faroe Islands occupied by British after fall of Denmark
o   Option for free France to invade Vichy held St. Pierre and Miquelon
o   Option for US to construct Alaska HWY through Canada by eliminating some impassable terrain in Yukon/British Columbia.
o   Event to allow Hatay to declare independence from France and later merge into Turkey
o   Spanish (SPR or SPA) allowed to annex the Independent Zone of Tangiers after the fall of France
o   Franco-Thai War added as an event once Vichy is established.
o Events modified to replace the ai chance with smaller numbers (usually 90% from 100%). This allows the ai to select event options currently unavailable to it.
o More urban terrain added to key cities
o Egypt independent from the start
o Three new puppet states (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick)
o Provinces shifted to allow for current linear FIN/SOV border after the Winter War.
o Canadian borders modified to follow provincial lines.
o Many US/CAN edits (Cape Hatteras, Florida, Chesapeake Bay, Louisiana coast, NM/TEX border, Maine, San Francisco Bay, Lake Tahoe, Salton Sea, Lake Champlain, Isle Royale, Nova Scotia, P.E.I.)
o Infrastructure edited to take impassable terrain into consideration.

• Goals for Future Versions

o       Complete liberation events for all 382 puppetable nations
o       Relocate Aral Sea
o       Allow for compatibility with other mods

• Major Map Modifications (v1.3)

o	An additional 60 puppetable nations, including all 50 US States, realisticly drawn.
o	The rivers map has been completely revamped and is far more realistic. e.g. the Yellow River no longer flows into Mongolia, the Sava river now flows into the Danube properly, and the 
        Congo, Amur, and Danube follow the international boundaries they should.
o	Alaska has been redrawn and is larger.
o	The Aleutian Island chain stretches across the North Pacific, allowing for the invasion of Attu Island or the attack on Dutch Harbor.
o	The Near East has been divided to allow for 1948 Israeli/Palestinian boundaries.
o	Inland ports have been added at Antwerpen, Hamburg, and Philadelphia.
o	The Great Lakes have been opened up to naval vessels. Ports have been added at Duluth, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Windsor, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Hamilton.
o	Coastal boundaries have been tweaked in El Salvador, Belize, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Kuwait, Gambia, Turkey, Netherlands, Peru, Texas, Massachusetts, and Washington.
o	Lesbos, the Faroe Islands, and St. Pierre and Miquelon have been added.
o	German cities relocated for accuracy.
o	Adjacency added between New York City and Manhattan
o	Great Salt Lake, Khanka Lake added; Lake Volta removed.
o	Manpower levels spread out to be less concentrated in capitals.
o	Victory Points spread out.
o	Province pictures added for Scandinavia, the British Isles, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean
o	Some naval province anomalies fixed (Tanjung Temboes, Southeastern Aleutian Sea)
o	International Zone of Tangiers available in 1936 and 1939 from start
o	Spanish possessions in Morocco accurately depicted (Ifni, Cabo Juby)
o	Nepal and Bhutan are now separated.
o	Bangladesh moved South to accommodate China
o	Siam given more accurate concessions from Franco-Thai Tokyo Treaty.

• Major Map Modifications (1.2)

o	  An additional 63 puppetable nations, including Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, and complete decompositions of France and Germany
o	  Comptability with HOI3 v 1.4
o	  Added Urban Terrain to numerous cities (Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, São Paulo, Cape Town, Cairo, Bombay, Sevastopol, Budapest, Istanbul, Sydney)
o	  Added picture backgrounds for about 80 American provinces
o         Cities rearranged in Russia to conform to new boundaries

• Major Map Modifications (v1.1)

 o	  An additional 56 New Puppetable Nations, including complete decompositions of England, Spain, Yugoslavia, and Romania.
 o	  New large puppet nations available, including the Ottoman Empire, Scandinavia, United Central America, and Benelux.
 o	  Compatibility with HOI3 v 1.3
 o	  Compatibility with the New Nations Mod
 o	  Fixed the tag for the Free State of Jerusalem
 o	  Gave Turkey/Ottomans cores on the Republic of Hatay from the beginning

• Major Map Modifications (v1.0)

 o	  Complete renaming of provinces in the United States, Canada.
 o	  Significant renaming of provinces in Africa, Panama, Venezuela, Iraq, the Caucasus Range, Central Asian SSRs, Pakistan, Austria.
 o	  Support for 200 Puppetable nations.
 o	  81 Added Provinces
 o	  African borders redrawn, now fit modern nations.
 o	  South American borders redrawn, now fit modern nations 
 o	  Manchurian border redrawn
 o	  Afghanistan borders redrawn, now borders China
 o	  Middle Eastern borders redrawn
 o	  Southeast Asian borders redrawn
 o	  Tannu Tuva, Mongolia redrawn
 o	  Ecuador given disputed Peruvian land in 1936 scenario
 o	  Alaskan panhandle given to USA
 o	  Virgin Islands given to USA (USVI more populous than BVI)
 o	  Hanko, Finland split in two to better represent Soviet naval base in the concessions of the Winter War
 o	  Scattered Claims added (Südtirol, N. Ireland, Åland, Falklands, etc.)
 o	  Swaziland given to South Africa (from Portugal/Mozambique)
 o	  Industry redistributed in US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, S. Africa, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand
 o	  Goa added as a Portuguese territory
 o	  Andorra added as a playable nation from the start