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Lithuania is a small country close to the Soviet Union (USSR), Germany, and Poland. Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states, covering an area of 65,300 square kilometers.


Forget about your navy, it's not going to happen. Focus all research topics on the Infantry, and Industry of your nation.

Operational Level of Organisation is a must! Research this as soon as possible.

Distribution of Leadership

Focus your leadership on Espionage until you get 10 spies in your homeland. After that, set them to half officers, and half research.



Germany and/or Soviet Union.


There are no decision for Lithuania.


All politicians and laws that are best for the country are already set in place.


Keep these the same unless felt necessary.


Keep these the same unless felt necessary.

Political Parties

Unless playing multiplayer, this is useless.


Focus all spies on you, Germany, and the USSR.


Trade until all resources are positive, after that trade with nobody, and build up a steady supply of money. You will need it!


Once your manpower runs out, buy production licenses from Germany and/or the USSR when troops are needed.

Industrial Production

Produce militia until Small Arms is up to 2-3..


Produce militia, infantry, and cavalry.


An HQ, and a few (3) units.


One transport and a destroyer.

Air Force

One air wing.


War with Latvia

Using the lower neutrality mission in the Intelligence tab, you will eventually be able to declare war on Latvia. Use 1 unit to fight for Daugavpils right on the border of Latvia-Lithuania in the lower right corner. Use all other units to fight for Riga.

War with Estonia

Rush for Tallinn and Tartu.

War with Poland

You must declare war on Poland before 1939, unless you wish to be annexed by Germany. Claim as much territory of Northern Poland as you can. If you can make it to Orany, you are doing good. If Germany reaches Warsaw before you reach Orany, then it was a waste of time. But you still gain well needed experience and a higher threat.

Gaming the System

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