Japan puts pressure on Siam

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In Hearts of Iron 3 the Japan puts pressure on Siam decision and event brings Siam into the Axis as a vassal of Japan.


To invade Malaya and Burma the Japanese needed to make use of Thai ports, railways, and airfields. The Thai people, however, were fiercely proud of never having been colonized and were determined to maintain their independence, having just beaten Vichy France in the French-Thai War. The Thai army was far from negligible and their soldiers were tough. If heavy Japanese casualties were to be avoided it was vital that the early landings across the beaches in southern Thailand should be unopposed.

To facilitate this the Japanese opened secret negotiations with the Thai government. At the time it looked as though the Axis powers were going to win the war, and in October 1940, Thai dictator Plaek Pibulsonggram, gave a secret verbal promise to support them in the event of a Japanese invasion of Malaya.

A treaty of military alliance between Thailand and Japan was signed on December 21, 1941. On January 25, 1942, the Thai government declared war on the USA and the United Kingdom.


In order for Japan to fire the event Siam and Vichy France must exist, Japan controls Indochina, it can be in the Axis, and it is not at war with Siam.

A.I. Japan will fire the event 100% of the time, and an A.I. Siam with accept it 100% of the time. Executing the decision will improve relations and increase Japan's threat on Siam by five, and it will reduce Japan's neutrality by three. If Siam accepts then its neutrality will decrease by three, it will join the Axis, relations with Japan will increase by 20, Germany by ten, decrease with the United Kingdom relation by 25, and it will decrease relations with France by 20.

If a human Siam declines then an A.I. Japan will go to war 100% of the time. Relations between Siam and Japan will decrease by 15, Germany by ten, and increase with England and France by 15. If a human Japan doesn't go to war after Siam declines then relations between the two nations will increase by 10.