Japan Demands Indochina

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Japanese troops entering Saigon.

In Hearts of Iron 3 the Japan Demands Indochina decision and event allows for Japan to seize Indochina from Vichy France.


The Japanese Invasion of French Indochina, also known as the Vietnam Expedition, was an attempt by the Empire of Japan, during the Second Sino-Japanese War to blockade China and prevent it from importing arms, fuel and 10,000 tons/month materials supplied by the United States through the Haiphong-Yunnan Fou railway line. Control of Vichy-controlled French Indochina would make the blockade of China more effective and made continuation of the drawn out Battle of South Guangxi province unnecessary.


In order for Japan to fire the event Vichy France must exist, control Indochina, and Japan can(can but need not be or must?) be in the Axis.

A.I. Japan will fire the event 100% of the time and an A.I. Vichy France will accept it 100% of the time. The event will reduce Japan's relations with Vichy France by ten, United States by 15, Guangxi Clique by 25, and Yunnan by 20. The event increases Japan's threat on Vichy France and the United States by five, and reduces Japan's neutrality by five. Vichy France can refuse the demands raising Japanese dissent by three. The United States reaction to the event will further reduce relations by five. If the demands are accepted then Japan receives Indiochina region, two garrison brigades in each province: Saigon, Hanoi, Quang Ngai, and three infantry brigades both in TienYen, and LangSon.