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The heir to the first major civilization of Babylonia as well as Mesopotamia, and the Assyrian and Arabic empires based in Babylon now called Baghdad, the once powerful Iraq succumbed to years of foreign imperialism and has become a puppet state of the United Kingdom. It has become weak and backward compared to other countries.


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Historically Iraq's government was very discontent with the domination of the United Kingdom over the country. In particular, Iraqi politician and Prime Minister Rashid Ali al-Gaylani actively sought to break Iraq's puppet status to the UK by supporting the Axis powers.[1] The result was Iraq joining the Axis powers in 1941, but quickly being defeated militarily by British forces. An alliance with the Axis is a way that Iraq could free itself from British imperial subjugation. But it should be done carefully and at a point where the British are distracted by other foreign entanglements, particularly in North Africa.

In a multiplayer game, it would be possible (and perhaps historically feasible) for Iraq to team up with Saudi Arabia to drive out the British and the French from Arab territories, thus liberating the Middle East from European imperial control. Arab leaders fought together against the Turks in World War I to gain Arab independence in the Middle East and were very displeased with the United Kingdom's "mandate" system in the Middle East which effectively meant imperial subjugation. A dual front of Iraq and Saudi Arabia against the United Kingdom distracted by war in North Africa would avenge the stab-in-the-back imposed on the Arabs by the European powers. Unlike Iraq, Saudi Arabia is not a puppet state and has large enough territory not to be immediately swallowed up by the British. An Iraqi-Saudi Arabian alliance would force the British to have to take control of more territory than if Iraq were to fight against the United Kingdom on its own.





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War with United Kingdom

If Iraq is aligned with the Axis Powers, can receive military aid from them, and if the United Kingdom is busy using its soldiers at war in North Africa, Iraq could attempt to break free from its puppet state status through war on the UK. This did occur in World War II but it failed because the British swamped Iraq. Iraq cannot break free from the British alone, it needs help from the Axis, and it will be an extremely hard venture. If Iraq is successful in stabilizing control over its territory, Iraq should attempt to seize Kuwait from the United Kingdom, as Kuwait was historically part of the ancient Iraqi states of Babylonia and Mesopotamia, and expands its access to the Persian Gulf.

War with Vichy France over Syria and Lebanon

Contingent upon Iraq breaking free from British puppet state status, Iraq could pursue a campaign to capture Vichy France-held Syria and Lebanon. Syria and Lebanon were thrice held by an Iraqi empire, first under Nebuchadnezzar II, the Assyrians and then under the Arabic empire of Saladin. As Vichy France is a neutral player even though created by the Axis, its weak hold on Syria and Lebanon is an inviting target to create an Iraqi empire in the Middle East.

War with Persia

Iraq and Persia have been long-held rivals for centuries. In recent times, Iraq desired to annex a portion of southern Persia that had many Arabs in it. If Iraq is able to declare war on Persia and has the military to back it up, seizing this southern territory and defeating Persia would strengthen Iraq's hold on the Persian Gulf and influence in the Middle East.

War with Saudi Arabia

If one wants to build a great Iraqi empire like that of the Arabic empire of Saladin, Iraq's neighbour Saudi Arabia is a large and weak target to attack. Again this depends upon Iraq being free from British puppet state status and having a strong enough military. If successful, Iraq will territorially dominate the Middle East and its valuable oil reserves, becoming a true empire.

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