Industry Moved to Siberia

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These decisions allow a Soviet Union being defeated by the Germans to move industry to Siberia. They are based on the historical movement of many threatened industries deep into the country in the face of Germany's Operation Barbarossa. Each decision "moves" (actually creates) an increasingly large amount of industry deep within the Siberian regions of the Soviet Union, and adds some national unity. The first can be triggered immediately at the onset of war (provided it occurs after 1938), and adds 6 IC (total) to Sverdlovsk and Celjabinsk. It also boosts NU 3 points. The second adds a total of 9 IC to four different provinces, and 2 points of NU. It can only be triggered if the Germans control Kiev and Vitebesk and the first round of transfers has been completed. The final decision transfers 22 IC to 4 different provinces in the interior, provides a 4-point NU boost, but can only be triggered if the first two decisions have been taken and the Germans have reached Kharkov.