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Indonesia is a country that can be released by the Netherlands in Oceania.

If you want to play as Indonesia, I recommend to first be the Netherlands and Release it at the start in 1936 (Road to War)


No matter what year the Country Start (after being Released) the Country will have the same Technology as it's Lord (Netherlands)



After being released you will be a puppet of Netherlands and automatically will be part of the Allies once they join them.





After being Released you will start with 5 groups of Infantry (3 div each one). This can be increased in 2 ways: 1)Before being Released by the Netherlands build at least 1 Industrial capacity in any Province to gain another 3 divisions of Infantry (Note: Each province with at least 1 Industrial Capacity will give automatically 3 divisions of Infantry)

2)Build or Buy Licence production to your lord.



Air Force



With Japan close i suggest the player use the available troops at the start (1936 better) to Secure the Ports then, build Garrison & AT/AA to secure them better.

Build Transport Ships and Destroyers to move around your big Island Country because parts of Indonesia aren't connected by land and you will need them to transport Troops to Secure your other ports in the different places of the Country.

Once all ports have been Secured, keep researching Infantry/Militia and Artillery (AA/AT/A, etc.) and at least for Destroyers & Submarines. Then build some units to send to your Master the Netherlands to protect their land and use some of them to Support UK, AUS, NZ in Asia/Oceania. With luck it could even be a good idea to invade Japan.

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