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The mod is intended to complete HOI3. It follows the guidelines and rules of the vanilla game. Plus, it adds an American Civil War, the Rainbow Plans and a new monarchy option in Spain. The aim of the mod is get a better management of the game. It includes:

  • The mod is translated into English and Spanish.
  • New added start date: 1833 / 1861 / 1898. The possibility of further optionally starting in 1935 is maintained.
  • 200 new nations.
  • 134 totally new units.
  • Two game modes: normal and apocalypse.
  • The units interface has been improved.
  • Resource storage system.
  • The world record of several nations is widely enlarged.
  • American Civil War.
  • Colonial revolutions.
  • Chinese Civil War.
  • Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Falklands War.
  • III World War.
  • European Union creation.
  • Rainbow Plans.
  • Historic esoteric events concerning the III Reich and its search for relics.
  • Governments change when there are revolutions and/or the countries are liberated.
  • Vassal countries can achieve total independence, under special circumstances.
  • UFO invasion.
  • The Flying Dutchman.
  • Technologies and units level 20.
  • Other issues: a new function returns territories to allies; all provinces are accessible (minimum infrastructure level 2).
  • End game year: 3000.
  • 1000 leaders added to each country.
  • Religions.
  • More traits.
  • Full global decolonization.
  • More strategic effetcs.

Mod Information

Paradox Spanish Forum
Paradox English Forum
Dedicated mod website/forum
Current version 1.0.0
Last update 16-04-2023
Compatibility HoI3 Their Finest Hour v4.02
Mod team YUGULO


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Unit pictures, map and icons updated
AI Upgraded
Technology Existing technology is used and combined in the new brand units
Map Upgraded
Events Some events added
New Units More than 100 unit types added
Game Mechanics