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Hungary is a Central European regional power notable for its low starting Neutrality (50). After Austria-Hungary fell apart at the end of World War I, Hungary lost enormous amounts of territory (more than half of its former territory and one third of its people) as result of the Treaty of Trianon such as losing territory to Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia. Irredentist nationalists vow for revenge.


Concentrate on Infantry techs first. After that, develop enough Armor techs to eventually migrate to Motorized and Mechanized Infantry (in 1938, and 1941). Maintain at least 1 point of research into Land Doctrines. It's also wise to keep 1 point in Industry at all times as well, to maintain Encryption/Decryption and Radar development.

It should be noted that it is very difficult to maintain a modern field army with Hungary's leadership possibilities. Even by completely neglecting Air tech and Navy tech (which is advisable) one will have difficulties getting a good mixture of ground units with decent Doctrine techs. To counter this problem it is possible to focus on certain tech trees and compensate others by buying Production Licenses. For example, a focus on Infantry tech (for Hungarian Infantry Divisions) and the different war doctrines (for foreign Tanks and Artillery/Support Units) is possible.

Distribution of leadership

Hungary has limited leadership of about ~7 points, which can be increased to about ~8 points using the 'education' tech and re-gaining its core territories.

To make good use of the low leadership, it is suggested to increase your domestic spies to 10, get a small reserve of diplomacy points and then focus solely on technology. Try to avoid officer recruitment until you have a 'three year conscription' or, better, 'service by requirement', then always aim for a 140%(maxed out) officer ratio.



Freed from the Austrian Monarchy but quite reduced of its historical claims, Hungary became isolated in the interwar period. One of the causes was its revisionist politics which brought the country into conflict with its neighbours. Following increased relations with Austria and Italy, Hungary came under the influence of Hitler (first economic, then political) who supported Horthy's revisionist politics.

Hungary's diplomatic posture is delicate. On the one hand, she needs to be as militarily aggressive as Germany. On the other hand, she's not as economically independent as Germany, and therefore will be vulnerable to relying on Trade to keep her economy going. Fortunately, it's possible to join the Axis by June 1937, which gives you the diplomatic freedom to militarily acquire the raw materials you need.

Joining the Axis has the added benefit of dropping your "Neutrality" Strategic Effect, which burdens you with a 5% Research Inefficiency hit.



The default Ministers are the best choices until at least 1938 or so. In 1938 you can change your Armament Minister to Lajos Remenyi-Schneller and gain +10% IC.

The Chief of Staff position is always a toss-up. Gustav Henneyey gives you +5% National Manpower, while Janos Voros gives you +10% Combat Speed. Feel free to swap them out, based on your current DOW status.


Hungary does not have the spare leadership to devote much effort to spies. Once you have 10 spies internally, remove all points from Intelligence.

Use your domestic spies wisely. You might try to stabilize your party position (priority 1) and strengthen your national unity (priority 3), where a high value is always important. From time to time use your spies for full counterespionage to get rid of enemy agents that are raising other party's organization, except you are planning to change your government (multiplayer only).

To receive a maximum increase in national unity go for "raise national unity" with priority 3 and leave the rest with priority 0. Combine this with the 'free press' law and a later minister for security (1938 or 1939) who increases national unity by 10%. Consider this a deliberate weakening of the iron grip on your society using this newfound freedom to build up a solid nationalism that you need for liberating your core territory. Always remember to revoke this freedom(law and minister) as soon as the enemy approaches your homeland.



Hungary starts the game woefully dependent on outside sources of Energy and Rare Materials. All factors being equal, Hungary will run out of Rares by the summer of '36 and Energy by the end of the year.

Industrial Production

Hungary is a regional power with about 27 points of base Industrial Capacity (IC). This is not much, and even by re-gaining its core territories you will not reach 40 base IC. It is not advisable (though possible) to build up your country's Industry.

If you really insist to, you might try an early custom start, disbanding all units and getting some extra IC, followed by an infrastructure, airbase, IC, (fortress) built-up for a high construction practical. Focus your tech on the industrial techs and the doctrine techs and get a 100% licensed army from your faction (most probably axis/Germany) before Operation Barbarossa.

Otherwise it is advised to avoid building any IC and make good use of the lend-lease program - getting IC during your wars from Germany and Italy (and later Japan).



Based on infantry, add some artillery for attack, or engineers for defence bonuses. Later, in 38 or so, it is possible to build mobile or armored units, licenced from Germany.


Hungary starts with some convoys and does not even have a port when the game starts. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the leader of the country is none other than Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya, a former Admiral of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. If you succeed to gain control of a port and construct a fleet, then you have the option to designate Horthy as a Fleet Admiral.

Air Force

Based on small airplanes. Mainly interceptors, maybe some CAS later.


Now is the time to move on to the gamey section, because historically Hungary suffered greatly in WW2 and found itself behind the iron curtain after the war...

Gaming the System

To Arms!

Get into Axis as soon as possible and lower neutrality to 45. This can be done by summer '36.

Now it is possible to attack one of the neighbours that Hungary has claims on. The easiest to beat is Yugoslavia.

Rearrange the army, make strong INF divisions (possibly with ART), assign the proper leaders, etc...

First steps

Set up the army one province back from the border, where the enemy has no intel.

Hit Mobilize and reinforce to full strength and max ORG.

Then move to the border and declare limited war. (A Limited War prevents Germany and Italy from capturing land, VP's and other spoils from your conquered nations.)

Yugoslavia's army is fairly weak, and should capitulate in a few months. They only have 6 VP locations and once you rout the initial resistance they are pretty easy to stay on top of.

It is important to use Hungary's fledgeling air force too. They won't help much in the fight, but it will grant the air force some much needed air combat experience.

Western adventure

Time is the issue here. If Austria enters Axis, it cannot be attacked anymore. Right after the fall of Yugoslavia, reorganize the army, include the new recruits, and line up to the western border. Now, because of the threat level has increased, it is possible to attack Austria. Declare limited war on them as soon as the army is ready.

They can exhibit even less resistance than Yugoslavia did. Just go for the VP locations and they will surrender within a few weeks.

But the glorious Hungarian army doesn't stops at Salzburg, does it? Move right through your fresh conquest to reach the next target: Switzerland.

Move to the border and attack them (limited war) when the army is reorganized and ready to go.

They will be a little tough to crack, because of those nasty land forts. Use the full force of the army at the breakthrough, concentrate the attack on one single province, attack from as many directions as possible. Use all the air force for interdiction on that one province as well (bombers and fighters alike).

Don't try to occupy every single province here, just let them sit in their bunkers. The only targets are the VP locations. There aren't so many, it can be done. Just don't let them cut off the forward units.

By taking Switzerland, Hungary will have the exit towards France, so it can have its piece of the cake on the western front when Germany started WWII in '39. But there is plenty to do until then.

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