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The goal of this mod is to help Hearts Of Iron 3 reach its full potential as a half-historical, half-sandbox game. The vanilla game lacks the immersion most people want from a WWII strategic simulator: the game gives a certain, almost deterministic, but a-historical flow of events that most players find plain stupid. By bending the rules a bit, we intend to shepherd this flow into a more historic, but still changeable course. We intend the result to be historically plausible.

What is not the goal? We don't want to make the game exactly historical. There are other mods for that (and I don't really like the idea anyway). Our only intention is to make the game make sense, even if it starts to diverge from history.

How we want to achieve that? We adjusted some variables to prevent too early factionisation, tempered with the decisions to balance things out, tweaked the AI to make more sense (in my opinion at least), and also made some alterations to some techs to enhance gameplay.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location -- Official Forum
Current version 3.0.0
Last update March 16, 2013
Compatibility HoI3 vanilla 1.4 (HPP version 1.04); HoI3 SF 2.04f (HPP version 2.04); HoI3 FtM 3.06 (HPP version 3.0.0)
Mod team Slan, TheBromgrev, Nephandus, TZoli, Cybvep
Mod's included Major Nations Immersion Pack; Historical Flags Mod; AI Improvement Pack (ideas); New Nations Mod (partially); Hr.Cyber's Naval Counters and Naval Battle Icons.
AAR archives My Fight - From the memoirs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Banner of the White Sun - A Nationalist China AAR
Black Crusaders - HPP mod Germany 1936 AAR
Tokyo Tipple - Japan from '36
Teutonic Dreams - A Germany 1936 HPP AAR
Kriegsgefahr (Impending War)
One Republic, One China
The Internationale - A Soviet HPP AAR
The Z-Plan: A German HOI3:SF AAR (HPP)
Teikoku no eiko (Imperial Glory) - A Japanese HOI3:SF (HPP) AAR
Rise Of The Black Eagle - HPP Poland AAR
Germany Looks East (HPP SF)
Locarno - Italy vs. Germany (SF/HPP)
'Don Quixote and 1001 windmills' SCW in HPP 1.9.2
The Bark of the Underdog - Allied Spain AAR - HPP 1.9.2
Very Well, Alone! A British H.P.P. Semper Fi A.A.R.
Empire Down UndAAR: Australia
Repelling the Huns - France '36 SF 2.04d HPP AAR
The Rising Sun from the East - A Japanese AAR (HPP Semper Fi 2.04)
Influence Wars - Japan 1936 HPP Interactive AAR - COMMENT THREAD

Influence Wars - Japan 1936 HPP Interactive AAR - GAMEPLAY THREAD

My Fight Volume II - Yet another HPP USAAR
Harbinger of Democracy! - yes, another HPP AAR, USA
Jiěfàng Zhànzhēng - A Chinese HPP AAR
Last Man and Shilling - Semper Fi HPP AustraliAAR
Kantai Kessen - Empire of Japan HPP AAR


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Changes from the Major Nations Immersion Pack and the Historical Flags Mod, plus lots of city and unit pictures. The mod boasts 8,000 pictures for units for every nation, all historical.
AI Improved country, production, diplomacy, politics, intelligence AI. Everything modders can change has been improved.
Technology Escort fighters; Synthetic oil plants; motorized support brigades; changed SH-ARM techs to Infantry Support Tanks; complete revision of doctrine techs; consolidated most of the infantry techs; land doctrines are more like HOI2's.
Map More historical cores; redistributed resources; added ports in China; redrawn Chinese warlord borders. The base map for version 2.04 is the same as the Magrathea Map Mod [1]. The base map for FtM official patch 3.06 includes many portions of the map from HPP version 2.6.63a. The changes to Asia in the map for FtM 3.06 came from the HPP mod.
Events Some new events/decisions to help the AI keep it historical. Nothing forced; the AI may make choices. The event chains dealing with Czechoslovakia in SF 2.04f and FtM came from the HPP mod.
New Units Infantry Support Tanks, Jet light fighters, jet heavy fighters, and jet light bombers; removed SH-BB and SH-Arm units.
Game Mechanics Changed: naval combat, laws, occupation policies, consumer goods demand, radio ranges, fixed the toughness/defensiveness bug, and more.
1936 Scenario Complete revision of starting technologies and historical OOBs for all nations, using reliable source material