Guyana ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Sir Gordon J. Lethem Market Liberal Head Of State: Die Hard Reformer 1936.1.1
Sir Francis Stanley Jackson Market Liberal Head Of Government: Happy Amateur 1936.1.1
Sir Geoffrey Stanfford Northcote Market Liberal Foreign Minister: Apologetic Clerk 1936.1.1
Sir Ralph Alnwick Grey Market Liberal Armament Minister: Administrative Genius 1936.1.1
Charles Campbell Woolley Market Liberal Minister Of Security: Compassionate Gentleman 1936.1.1
Edward F. Collingwood Market Liberal Minister Of Intelligence: Industrial Specialist 1936.1.1
Charles Birchwood Market Liberal Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence 1936.1.1
Frederic Augustis Market Liberal Chief Of Army: Armoured Spearhead Doctrine 1936.1.1
H.C. Bigelow Market Liberal Chief Of Navy: Indirect Approach Doctrine 1936.1.1
H.F. Burnette Market Liberal Chief Of Air: Naval Aviation Doctrine 1936.1.1
Severo Mallet-Prevost Paternal Autocrat Head Of State: Benevolent Gentleman 1936.1.1
Dr. Cheddi Jagan Left Wing Radical Head Of State: Popular Figurehead 1936.1.1
Frederick Derecourt Paternal Autocrat Head Of Government: Corporate Suit 1936.1.1
Forbes Burnham Left Wing Radical Head Of Government: Political Protege 1936.1.1
Charles Joseph Loghie Paternal Autocrat Foreign Minister: The Cloak N Dagger Schemer 1936.1.1
Rasleigh Jackson Left Wing Radical Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1936.1.1
Maurice Gordon Paternal Autocrat Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist 1936.1.1
Dr. Gobinda Ganga Left Wing Radical Armament Minister: Theoretical Scientist 1936.1.1
James Christkirk Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Security: Crime Fighter 1936.1.1
Lien James Market Liberal Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror 1940.1.1
Vibert Parvathan Left Wing Radical Minister Of Security: Silent Lawyer 1936.1.1
William J. Featherstone Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Intelligence: Dismal Enigma 1936.1.1
C.L.R. James Left Wing Radical Minister Of Intelligence: Political Specialist 1936.1.1
C.F. Drew Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Staff: School Of Psychology 1936.1.1
Kingsley Forrester Left Wing Radical Chief Of Staff: School Of Manoeuvre 1936.1.1
H.F.L. Hilton-Green Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Army: Decisive Battle Doctrine 1936.1.1
Christopher Lobban Left Wing Radical Chief Of Army: Guns And Butter Doctrine 1936.1.1
Henry Winslow Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Navy: Base Control Doctrine 1936.1.1
Thomas McGarrity Left Wing Radical Chief Of Navy: Power Projection Doctrine 1936.1.1
Mortimer Chesswood Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Air: Army Aviation Doctrine 1936.1.1
Kyle Lightfoot Left Wing Radical Chief Of Air: Air Superiority Doctrine 1936.1.1