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National Unity starts at 60. Fairly large army in terms of number of units. Reasonably strong industry.


With lots of hills and mountains there is likely very little need for armour. Focus on infantry and supporting Doctrines and Industrial technologies.

Distribution of Leadership

Surprisingly strong at 9+ Leadership to distribute. This can of course increase with proper research of Education et c.

I recommend: 7 Leadership allocated for research 2 Leadership for Spies to get domestic spies up to 10 to raise Unity then shift these 2 to produce Officers will have you in a comparatively strong position around mid-1937 when war with Japan is likely.



You start allied with Nationalist China. No reason to change this.


Accept the Call to Arms or not when Japan and China go to war.



So far I have yet to see choice in ministers. Fortunately the ones you start with are bearable if not optimal.


Political Parties


Get domestic spies up to 10. Set them to work raising National Unity to allow more efficient Laws and resist potential defeats in wars.

Maybe spend some time hunting foreign spies too if you are feeling happy with your National Unity.



Not extremely good or bad. Trade Metal from Yunnan. Trade Rares from Siam. This should keep you afloat for quite a while.

Industrial Production

Once again, surprisingly strong industrial base, starting out at 28 IC. Greatly improves when war starts.



Lots of infantry divisions and militia at start. Very few commanders, these do not increase when war happens as far as I can see. All divisions contain 2 brigades only. Might need strengthening to ensure proper power.


A single Transport flotilla at start.

Air Force

A single Interceptor wing at start.


War with Japan

This will be tough as Japan will likely brake China within months, or even weeks depending on the Ai. You will not have enough troops to defend against Japan, unless you dig in 1-2 weeks before China will surrender, this should let you survive longer, other than that, good luck.

War with China

It's recommended you take this route, as you will likely not beat Japan, and China will soon become a weak, dry, husk, after a few months of war with Japan, again depending on the Ai.

Gaming the System

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