Germany Claims Memel

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The Germany Claims Memel decision and event gives two of Lithuania's provinces, Memel and Silute, to Germany.


Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop of Nazi Germany delivered an ultimatum to the Lithuanian Foreign Minister on 20 March 20, 1939, demanding the surrender of the Memel region to German control. The British Consul in Danzig, Mr. Shepherd, reported to Viscount Halifax that "it was generally anticipated that on 25th March the Memel Landtag would vote for the immediate return of Memelland to Germany". Ribbentrop is also claimed to have stated that Memel “will be taken by other means if necessary". Lithuania, however, submitted to the ultimatum and, in exchange for the right to use the new harbour facilities as a Free Port, ceded the disputed region to Germany in the late evening of 22 March 1939.


In order for Germany to fire the event the First Vienna Award must have taken place or Czechoslovakia doesn't exist. Lithuania must exist, control Memel and Silute, and it's 1939. Neither Germany or Lithuania is a subject, Lithuania is not in a faction or in an alliance with Germany, and Germany is not at war.

A.I. Germany will fire this event 100% of the time. A.I. Lithuania will accept it 100% of the time. The decision will reduce Germany's relations with the Soviet Union by five and increase Germany's threat by ten. Ceding the territory will improve Lithuania's relations with Germany by ten, reduce them with the Soviet Union by five and Poland by ten.

Denying the claim will increase Lithuania's relations with Germany by 15, the Soviet Union by 5, and Poland by ten. Germany gains cores on both Memel and Silute, loses five dissent and ten neutrality no matter the outcome. If denied Germany's relations with Lithuania are reduced by 30.