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Example of German models
In game example

This mod replaces the vanilla black & white model photos used in the production and brigade view windows with coloured drawings.

I want to get a consistent feeling while playing the game with different countries, the final goal of the mod is to cover as many nations as possible, it already deals with 13 countries for nearly 3000 models! Countries covered so far: USA, USSR, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Argentina. More to come.

The mod also replaces nuclear reactor, air base, naval base, AA, radar, rocket test facility, convoys, escorts and industrial capacity images with new ones, in line with the art style of the mod.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version 2.0
Last update April, 2011
Compatibility HoI3 Semper Fi, and Dday's I.C.E.
Mod team (identify all who helped create the mod)
AAR archives (link to any AARs featuring the mod—this helps convey mod popularity)


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Yes: 3,000 new graphics.
AI n/a
Technology n/a
Map n/a
Events n/a
New Units n/a
Game Mechanics n/a