First Vienna Award

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The carving up of Czechoslovakia


In Hearts of Iron 3 the First Vienna Award is a decision and event that gives the remaining Czech territory to Germany and parts of Slovakia to Poland and Hungary while the remainder of Slovakia becomes a German puppet state.


By the First Vienna Award, arbiters from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sought a non-violent way to enforce the territorial claims of Hungary, in revision of the Treaty of Trianon of 1920. Nazi Germany was by then well into her own revision of the Versailles Treaty, with her request for a plebiscite in the Saar Region, remilitarization of the Rhineland, and Anschluss of Austria.

The First Vienna Award separated largely Magyar-populated(Hungarian) territories in southern Slovakia and southern Carpathian Rus from Czechoslovakia and awarded them to Hungary. Hungary thus regained some of the territories in present-day Slovakia and Ukraine that she had lost by the Treaty of Trianon in the post-World War I dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


In order for Germany to fire the event, the following conditions must be met: Czechoslovakia must exist and have been subjected to The Treaty of Munich. Hungary is not in faction other than the Axis and Czechoslovakia cannot be in any faction. Germany must not be at war and the game date must be after October 1938. Germany must also have dissent lower than 1.0.

When controlled by the A.I., Germany will always pursue this event, and an A.I.-controlled Czechoslovakia will always accept. In doing so, Germany's relations with France and the United Kingdom will decrease by 80, the Soviet Union by five, Poland by ten, the United States by three, and increase with Hungary by ten. It will decrease Germany's neutrality by three, and the United Kingdom's and France's by five. It will give Germany five dissent, decrease Hungary's dissent by five, and Hungary's relations with Slovakia and Germany will increase by five. A human Czechoslovakia can choose to fight, but it will gain 30 dissent (taking a huge chunk of IC with it), lose five neutrality, and relations with Germany will decrease by five. If Hungary does not exist, then the additional territory is given to the Slovakian puppet state.