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Estonia is a micro power situated in Northern Europe. Playing with Estonia is challenging.

Your biggest threat starting from 1936 will undoubtedly be the Soviet Union. The best way for surviving the IIWW is to drift towards Allies. Joining the Allies before the Soviet ultimatum in 1940, you have a chance to survive and prepare for German invasion deep into the Soviet Union. By the time Germany gets to southern regions of Estonia, you must face them off with infantry divisions and even if you fail, you have a chance to rebuild your country after Germans withdraw from Eastern-Europe.

The second way, a much better way, will be guaranteeing the independence of Finland. When the Soviet Union goes into war with Finland, you will have to hold your defensive line in only two regions. Soviets will push most of their units toward Finlands so it is very likely you will survive until the end of the Winter War. When Winter War ends with the peace treaty between the Soviet Union and Finland, the war ends for Estonia as well. After that, Soviet Union will not give any ultimatums or declare war to Estonia. You also have a better chance to survive the war because Germany will not declare war on you and will just pass Estonia from south when moving towards Leningrad and Moscow.

Also, if you are not interested in just surviving the game, you may try to occupy Latvia before Soviet ultimatum. This will make the Soviet Union not declare war or send any ultimatums and you will even have a chance to attack Lithuania afterwards. Now when you have the Baltic States you may try to invade Finland by sending transport ships with few divisions into Finland's key regions. If you get them by surprise, Finland will automatically surrender and you will have a pretty great Empire of your own. You may also try fighting against other Scandinavian countries.

When building up your army, forget about planes, ships, and tanks. You must train infantry at all cost because the terrain is mostly covered with forest/marsh and Estonia's IC is pretty low and it will take forever for you to build up some armored divisions. You have the best chance to fight only with infantry troops with few artillery/AT brigades for combination bonuses. Estonia has a starting usable IC of 3 and manpower enough to build about four infantry divisions (INF+INF+INF+ART)

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