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When the threat of a nation is high enough the opposing factions will gear up for war. The effects of threat are muted by distance. Germany engaging an unaligned Poland would build more threat toward France than it does toward the United States.

Items that effect threat:

  1. Government Ideology
  2. Foreign Minister effects drift through idealogical direction
  3. If a country has a core claim
  4. Diplomatic actions: Influence, Offer Alliance, Non Aggression Pact, Proclaim Guarantee, Allow Debt, Embargo
  5. Align to a Faction
  6. Member of a Faction
  7. Mobilizing
  8. Releasing a puppet may reduce the threat level in some countries
  9. Combat, Naval, Air, Land, or strategic bombing


Neutrality is the opposite of threat: it is a barrier to entry to hostilities. Countries with high neutrality are harder to recruit into alliances. Neutrality requirements for actions:

  • Make alliance: Highest mutual threat > neutrality - 25%
  • Guarantee: Highest mutual threat > neutrality - 60%
  • Join faction: Highest mutual threat > neutrality - 50%
  • Declare war: Target mutual threat > neutrality

Mutual threat is the target's threat to you or your highest threat to them, whichever is higher.

Diplomacy Triangle

Each state has a position on the diplomacy grid. Every day nations "drift" toward one of the three corners of the grid representing the ideologies of the major factions. There are two major drift components a player cannot control:

  1. A country's geographical position. The closer a country is to a faction member the more it will drift toward that faction.
  2. A country's ruling ideology. All countries begin with a predisposition to drift toward the Axis, Allies, or Commintern.

Threat is a major factor in countering these natural movements. When a nation perceives one of the factions as being a threat it will be pulled away from that corner. If a certain faction is extremely threatening—like Germany after annexing Poland—states will be "pushed" away from that corner.


Items that affect drift:

  1. Cores
  2. Offer Alliance
  3. Non Aggression Pact
  4. Proclaim Guarantee
  5. Influence
  6. Embargo through change in relations
  7. Ideology : For example, the U.S. may be influenced by Germany over the years 1936 to 1939 via the "Support Our Party" option bringing the German Bund party into power in the 1939/40 U.S. election event. As soon as this occurs, the drift bonus for the Allies in the democracy screen immediately vanishes and the U.S. begins to drift strongly towards the Axis if Germany has maintained any significant level of trade relations.

Diplomatic Actions

  • Transit Rights: Provides access to pass the target nation.
  • Influence nation: Only available to faction members, increases the drift of the target nation to the faction doing the influencing.
  • Embargo: Embargo will increase threat with the target county and all countries will perceive this action as a threat.
  • Buy Production License this costs one point and allows you to buy troops not otherwise available to you from another country, if it is willing to let you. Each license is for one type of brigade/ship/aeroplane only. See Production strategy for more information.

Invite to Faction

To enable the option to invite a country to your faction:

  • The target country must be closely aligned to your faction (use Influence Nation)
  • The target country must have an effective neutrality less than 25 (use Increase Threat on one of their neighbors)

This will make the "invite to faction" option available. Whether or not a target will accept the invitation is based on:

  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend: If you and your target are at war with the same country, they will accept your invitation to the faction automatically. This criteria overrides all other effects.
  • Acceptance chance: The game calculates an acceptance "score" from 0% to 100%, which is based only on the following three factors:
    1. Your target's base neutrality, which is independent of how threatened they feel
    2. If the target's governing ideology is the same, the chance increases by 10
    3. Country specific modifiers

Further Reading: FTM "Invite to Faction" Summary and Proposed Changes

Diplomacy Points Cost

  • Declare War 0 points
  • Join Alliance 5 points
  • Leave Alliance 1 point
  • Guarantee Independence 5 points
  • Stop Guaranteeing Independence 1 point
  • Non Aggression Pact 5 points
  • Embargo 5 points
  • Military Access 1 point
  • Influence 2 points
  • Allow Debt 1 point
  • Join Faction 0 points
  • Trade Agreement 3 points
  • Buy Production License 1 point