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The mod is aimed to make HOI3 a better simulation of what the WW2 was. The point of the mod is to have a better experience of the game by adding :

  • Almost 400 events
  • 50 decisions
  • More than 110 new technologies (visible and event related)
  • Around 60 new units, such as SP-AA, escort fighter, long range or armed transports ships, SS units, Red Guards, siege artillery, and amphibious armor
  • All the units stats changed (garrison is great at defense, armor has no use in amphibious assault etc.) better AI (based upon the AI pack) with historical wars and faction joining
  • About 13 new countries (from New Nation mod, UK surrender and British Empire mods) like Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Union, Flanders, Wallonia, British India, Burma, England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, Kuwait, and British Union among others

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location Paradox Sub-forum
Dedicated mod website/forum BlackICE on Facebook
Current version 8.5
Last update January 2016
Compatibility HoI3 TFH V4.02 (Hoi3 Vanilla development abandoned with version
Mod team

Panzeroo - Mod lead

Marneman - New event GFX, events, SFX

MOK42 - New Stategic effects, Events, decisions

Maverick87 - Interface/GUI, events

Hiroo Onada - Chinese Theatre Rework based on HPP mod

Had a dad - LUA, installer programmer

Ravenwere - Event fixes
SquireJames - Aircraft Models rework
Graf Blotenburg - Norwegian/Jap rework
Xerjin - Unit/models tweaks
Warlimont - Spelling and Grammer fixes
mcnamus - unique ss counters
captfisch - unit build time tweaks
winters_child - Spanish medal fixes
Death6 - GFX

Play testing + suggestions
Test Pilot

Recent LPs

Search results of 'Hearts of Iron 3 Black Ice' (sorted by upload date) on YouTube

On going LPs

Bundeswehr Bob's Italy LP, on going since 29 Oct 2016

Inactive/Ended LPs

Benjamin Magnus's Japan LP, ended on 11, Jul 2016

HuskerStrategy's Soviet LP, inactive since 17 Jun 2014

General Lee's Canada LP, last updated on 23 Jul 2014)

RustyWasp's Japan LP, ended on 17 Sep 2014

RustyWasp's Italy LP, last updated on 28 Sep 2014

NuttyHistoryGamer's Soviet Union LP, paused on 20 Jan 2015


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Unit pictures and icons updated, background images replaced
Technology more than 150 new techs
Map Currently merging with the Map Patch Project
Events more than 800 events added
New Units more than 100 unit types added
Game Mechanics

Events and decisions

BlackICE adds lots of new events and decisions to the game. Some might be game changing and others just for flavor, but guarantee that they are of best quality. New events for every nation will help you shape your nation the way you like. New annual decisions allow you to choose the focus of your production and espionage. You are given the possibility of great projects, like railroads, ministries and monuments. During war you can choose to organize collections of different resources like fuel and metal. You are able to instruct war bonds to gather money for war effort, but be advised that these actions won't come without consequences, like increased dissent and revolt risk. Event chains have also been added for the AI, these events let the AI conduct great operations like the invasion of Normandy or Italy. The AI is capable of using all of the new events and decisions.

New units and division composition

BlackICE mod contains over 100 new unit types. Mixing of these new units is made easier by the new division structure of one or two mainline and three or four supporting brigades. Mainline brigades like infantry and armored brigades now contain a lot more men than in the original game. These mainline units also provide most of the strength of a division, so using support units alone is not advised. The possibility of four or even five(with superior firepower) support brigades increases the flexibility and diversity of divisions.

New technology system

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