Destroyers for Bases Agreement

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One of the destroyers.

The Destroyers for Bases Agreement decision and event gives the United Kingdom destroyers.


By August 1940, while Britain and the Commonwealth stood alone against Germany, the American Ambassador reported from London that a British surrender was "inevitable". Seeking to persuade Roosevelt to send destroyers, Churchill warned Roosevelt ominously that if Britain were vanquished, its colonial islands close to American shores could become a direct threat to America if they fell into German hands.

Finally on September 2, 1940, as the Battle of Britain intensified and the Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force fought in the skies over England, United States Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, signaled agreement to the transfer of the destroyers to the Royal Navy.

In exchange, the US was granted land in various British possessions for the establishment of naval or air bases, on a ninety-nine-year rent-free lease.


In order for the United States to fire the event it must be 1940 and not in a war. The United Kingdom, Germany, and Vichy France must exist. America's neutrality will decrease by two, its relations with the United Kingdom will increase by 15 and when the British accept it they will increase by 10 again. The United Kingdom will receive five destroyer flotillas.