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Seeking to align yourself to the Axis can aid you, if you become allied to Germany before 1939 they won't invade you and you'll instead have the honour of being a minor player in the German conquests. Best assistance is to garrison the French ports, as Germany often leaves these poorly defended and British/American soldiers can often establish a strong foothold if the Germans are distracted by the Russians in the East.

Joining the allies will happen automatically when Germany declares war on you. Defend the islands using your navy to assist, though it is unlikely to remain afloat for long.





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War with Germany

You're one of the first German targets and you're essentially done for off the bat.

The only hope you have is abandoning Jutland (the Danish Peninsula) and concentrating your forces off the straight onto Fuenen (the first island). Build a coastal fort there, level 2 or 3, and man it with every soldier you have. Hopefully Sweden will be in the war on your side and will send soldiers to help, as should Norway.

Abandon all hope of retaking the Peninsula until very late in the war: the Germans will garrison their side of the water heavily and you will be subject to constant attempts to cross the straight by infantry and armour, as well as a determined ground attack campaign by the Luftwaffe.

It is possible to survive by holding the islands, though without Swedish and Norwegian soldiers helping your 3 or 4 divisions will be extremely hard pressed to hold the line.

In a war against Germany many players find themselves in a really bad position. But what they don't realise is that you are actually in a very good position, seeing as the only way to your capital is through Fyn (the island connecting your capital to the mainland), through Sweden, or through an invasion of paratroopers.

This means that as long as there is friendly ships between your islands, the enemy won't be able to cross. And as Denmark you start with 2 subs, this is more than enough to hold up the Germans. A good start would be to put almost all your troops on Fynen, put a submarine in the sea tile, the Bälts, and 1 submarine in reserve in neutral Norway or Sweden because the Germans won't attack your ships in neutral ports. Using this method you'll be able to hold out for a very long time, but you do have to watch out for paratroopers taking the capital as they are likely to do that.

Gaming the System

Fire the 'Prepare for war' decision - keep Volunteer army and pump out a corps of infantry divisions and invade Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic states before 1937. This will give you a very valuable boost in IC. Now start building a fortified line near the border of the Third Reich - Since most of the Denmark mainland is no more than two provinces wide, you have a very good chance of having L3 or L4 forts by 1939.

While you are building your forts, buy production licence ART and AT from the UK or France and also buy manpower using the manpower exploit. Keep Volunteer Army on unless you are buying manpower for the fastest possible production - there is a good chance Denmark will have an entire combined arms Army sitting pretty in a miniature Maginot line by September 1939. This will be more than enough to keep the entire Wehrmacht at bay without having to retreat to the islands. You will almost certainly lose the Baltic states but if you are prudent with your Garrisons you have a good chance of holding onto Scandinavia until at least 1942.

Keep buying production licences from the Allies and when possible push the Germans back. Being so close to Berlin the Allies will start to pour in reinforcements - so keep and eye on your supply situation and your stacking penalties. By 1944 when the USSR is knocking on Germanys door and the Fascist line is starting to weaken - you will be in a position to strike straight to Berlin.

Frequently, the UK will gift you some Marine divisions, Use these to launch all sorts of interesting adventures against evil regimes such as Portugal, Turkey, Liberia, Australia, New Zealand etc. to make up for your losses in the Baltic states. If the UK doesn't invade France by 1944, do it for them.

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