DDR ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Johannes Dieckmann Stalinist Head Of State: Pig Headed Isolationist 1936.1.1
Walter Ulbricht Stalinist Head Of Government: Ambitious Union Boss
Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror
Foreign Minister: The Cloak N Dagger Schemer
Georg Derlinger Stalinist Foreign Minister: Ideological Crusader 1936.1.1
Willi Stoph Stalinist Armament Minister: Laissez Faires Capitalist 1936.1.1
Karl Steinhoff Stalinist Minister Of Security: Crooked Kleptocrat 1936.1.1
Wilhelm Zaisser Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Political Specialist 1936.1.1
Ernst Wollweber Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Mass Combat
Minister Of Intelligence: Industrial Specialist
Hans Kahle Stalinist Chief Of Army: Decisive Battle Doctrine 1936.1.1
Fritz Scheelen Stalinist Chief Of Navy: Base Control Doctrine
Minister Of Intelligence: Naval Intelligence Specialist
Willi Bredel Stalinist Chief Of Air: Carpet Bombing Doctrine 1936.1.1
Anton Ackermann Leninist Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1936.1.1
Albert Kuntz Stalinist Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist 1936.1.1
Jakob Kaiser Leninist Armament Minister: Military Entrepreneur 1936.1.1
Andres Hermes Leninist Armament Minister: Administrative Genius 1936.1.1
Wilhelm Pieck Stalinist Head Of State: Insignificant Layman
Armament Minister: Theoretical Scientist
Julius Leber Stalinist Minister Of Security: Compassionate Gentleman 1936.1.1
Wilhelm Külz Leninist Minister Of Security: Crime Fighter 1936.1.1
Otto Nuschke Leninist Minister Of Security: Silent Lawyer 1936.1.1
Otto Grotewohl Stalinist Minister Of Security: Efficient Sociopath 1936.1.1
Heinrich Müller Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Dismal Enigma 1936.1.1
Erich Mielke Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Research Specialist 1936.1.1
Erich Weinert Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Psychology 1936.1.1
Erwin Jollasse Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Manoeuvre 1936.1.1
Xaver Sattler Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Fire Support 1936.1.1
Otto Korfes Leninist Chief Of Army: Elastic Defence Doctrine 1936.1.1
Walter Freytag Leninist Chief Of Army: Armoured Spearhead Doctrine 1936.1.1
Otto Groos Stalinist Chief Of Navy: Open Seas Doctrine 1936.1.1
Franz Nowak Leninist Chief Of Air: Air Superiority Doctrine 1936.1.1
Wilhelm Speidel Stalinist Chief Of Air: Vertical Envelopment Doctrine 1936.1.1