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The fascist and Nazi nations of the world, united to stand against the forces of democracy and drive the sub-humans from their empires. As a non-democratic faction, allows access to the best laws without a declaration of war. Contains the government types National Socialist, Fascistic and Paternal Autocrats. Has the benefit of being able to declare a Limited War where the faction menber can fight a war without other faction members joining, however later the faction member can later issue a Call to Arms to ask for other faction members assistance, a 10% National Pride modifier, and can declare wars with 25 less Neutrality.

Faction Leader: Germany

Likely Members: Italy, Japan, Hungary, Finland, Siam, Vichy France

Possible Members: Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Greece, Argentina, Nationalist Spain


The defenders of democracy and the status quo, united to stand against the imperial advances of the Fascists and Communists. Remains neutral for longer than Axis and Comintern, very difficult to gain territory as a member. Contains the government types Social Conservative, Market Liberal, Social Liberal and Social Democrat. Has the benefit of having an Alliance-Wide Guarantee, which states that when war is declared on one member of the Allies all nations will assist in that war, a 10% lower wartime goods demand and has a 10% higher peacetime consumer goods demand.

Faction Leader: United Kingdom

Likely Members: France, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Possible Members: Canada, Mexico, Greece, Yugoslavia, Portugal, Nationalist China


The united workers of the world, who have formed a loose association to defend the rights of the proletariat against the advances of the Axis and the greed of the Allies. Contains the governments types Left Wing Radical, Leninist and Stalinist. As a non-democratic faction, allows access to the best laws without a declaration of war. Remains neutral deep into 1941. Has the benefit of a Free Resource Gift which allows a faction member to gift resources to another faction member without requiring money, a 33% lower Supply Consumption and a 10% Espionage bonus.

Faction Leader: Soviet Union

Likely Members: Mongolia, Tannu Tuva, Communist China

Possible Members: Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden