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Colombia is a minor power situated in South America.


Distribution of Leadership

Colombia will start with about 3 leadership with a few extra points remaining, not much can be accomplished and obviously you will probably never be able to influence anyone and since the nation itself does not produce much, diplomacy serves little value. The best usage of this is to upgrade its techs with a total usage of 3 points and anything left over can be for whichever you please.







Political Parties




Industrial Production




Air Force


War with X

Gaming the System

As of version 2.04d, a feature you can do is build a 3 Milita divisions as reserves, then place them into any place spot in your territory. Once you finish placing them, click the upgrade button to infantry on the 3 divisions, for each division, your man power increases by 1, and in the production screen you will notice them upgraded and being built as "infantry", cancel the production and you will also notice your manpower increase by 1 once again for each cancelled production of infantry from milita. In total the math is like so

For every 3 militia divisions = 3 manpower For every 3 cancelled Infantry divisions = 3 manpower

3+3 = 6. So you gain a total of 6 manpower, but due to the reserve manpower cost of 3 militia divisions, you will lose about two man power per every 3

so in theory it works as such 3+3-2 = 4. So you gain only 4 manpower in total, this may be gamey to some, to others it may be a way of making a micro power somewhat into a major power, of course this can build up its military by a vast amount but keeping the officer ratio in good percentage is going to be a tough part to keep in check.

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