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Building Name IC Time (Days) Max. Level Knowledge Type Knowledge Increase Effect
Air Base 2 180 10 Construction 0.13 +1 air capacity
Naval Base 5 180 10 Construction 0.33 +1 naval capacity
Industry 5 365 10 Construction 0.67 +1 IC
Underground 4 180 1 Militia 0.1 + 1 local underground
Coastal Fort 5 180 10 Construction 0.33 -9% to shore attackers
Land Fort 5 180 10 Construction 0.33 -9% to land attackers
Anti-Air 3 60 10 Artillery 0.25 Fires at enemy aircraft (equal to 1 Air Attack?)
Infrastructure 0.5 180 10 Construction 0.13 Faster movement and more supply throughput
Radar Station 2 180 10 Electronic Eng. 0.5 Detects enemies, bonus to air combat
Nuclear Reactor 50 180 10 Nuclear Bomb 6.0 Required for Nuclear Bomb research
Rocket Test Site 20 180 10 Rocket 6.0 Required for Rocket Engine research


  • Forts and Infrastructure must be constructed directly in the provinces where they are to be located. This means that the level of these buildings in a province must be built up sequentially.
  • Air and Naval bases can be built outside of provinces; however, they can only be deployed into provinces with zero level of that kind of base. Further levels must be built sequentially.
  • Underground resistance (UR) can be built by Governments in Exile or Majors, and placed in allied countries. UR will spawn as militia or as partisans in an adjacent province.
  • Other buildings can be built outside of provinces and deployed anywhere. For example, you can build 10 levels of Radar Station in parallel and deploy them all to the same province. Note that if you deploy many levels in the same province at the same time it may take up to a few months for them all to come online.