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The following are examples of a force composition for Germany that allows for a fairly rapid defeat of the USSR (~ 6 – 9 months) on Hard difficult using full AI control (e.g. which is less effective than direct player control).

Command Structure

Barbarossa OOB.jpg

Heeresgruppe Nord: Responsible for the objectives of Leningrad & Moscow, this group fights mostly in forest terrain in the north of the country where force dispersion is not a serious concern. With a total of 4 armies, each army has 4 corps for a total of 16 corps in the army group. A total of 2 corps are panzer corps, while the remaining 14 corps are infantry.

Heeresgruppe Sud: Responsible for Stalingrad, where the Hungarians can help with Kiev & the Romanian's with Odessa. With a total of 4 armies, each army has 4 corps for a total of 16 corps in the army group. Despite what appears to be symmetry with the northern group, the southern group has 5 panzerkorps due to the expansive plains regions and the far distance to Stalingrad.

Division & Brigade composition

Panzerkorps: A total of 7 Panzerkorps, each with the following division & brigade composition:

  • 1x Leichte Panzers (LARM, LARM, MEC, SPART)
  • 2x Panzers (ARM, MEC, MEC, SPART)
  • 1x Schwer Panzers (HARM, HARM, WSS, SART)

Infantrie Korps: 25 Infantrie Korps with the following division & brigade composition:

  • 3x Infantrie (INF, INF, ART, ART)
  • 1x Infantrie AT (INF, INF, AT, ART)

Luftwaffe: 4 wings with 3x interceptors each; as well as 2 tactical bomber wings with 3x tactical bombers each.

Soviet Forces

On Hard difficulty, a Soviet force composition may roughly resemble a command structure of approximately 7 army groups with a total of just 14 armies. The Soviet AI tends to staff each corps with four divisions (tending towards four brigades per division). While the number of divisions per Army varies, the Soviets will be fielding approximately 184 divisions. Meanwhile, the Germans will field only 128 divisions. Note however that with approximately 25 Hungarian divisions and 30 Romanian divisions, the Axis will approximately match Soviet forces division for division. The key differentiator then becomes German technology advances in Infantry, Armor, and Land doctrines. Meanwhile, the Soviet AI tends to build a massive Airforce, with approximately 5 CAS wings (2x CAS each) and 7 TAC wings (2x TAC each). This massive ground attack air force, however, is dramatically under supported by only 2 INT wings (3x INT each).